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    I know that I am not the only Master here on this website, and that is my target audience for this question however all input is welcome. So I am the third highest rank in my school, I am a 4th degree black belt certified in WTF with kukkiwon and ITF with the AAU in America. The next higher rank is older, she has a hard time learning new higher up patterns and she doesn't feel comfortable teaching me 4th dan and higher patterns. My Master has very little time and I will be heading off to college soon. Is it wrong of me to teach myself the fourth dan patterns? I already learned Pyong Won from my Master and am currently teaching myself Choi Yong (It's lower then 4th dan but my Master and his Grandmaster never taught the pattern). I feel slightly guilty but I am eager to learn, what should I do?
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    I find this to be an interesting topic.

    I have the pleasure of working directly with a GM. I get 6-8 opporunities to work with him directly.
    But he is not young, and the 800 pound gorilla in the dojang is what happens when his time has come.
    We have 3 active 6th dans (including myself) 1 active 5th dan and a number of lower ranked dans.

    So the issue is, how do you learn new forms?

    I would ask you senior most instructor if you could video them performing the form and review basic techniques with you. Then use that to learn.

    FWIW our GM has been on his own for a long time. Somehow he has managed to learn new material himself so he can go home (Korea) and pass exams. He came to the US a long time ago as a 2nd or 3rd dan in the late 60s and is now a 9th dan.
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    its really interesting to see marital arts experts like u people
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    I think your first question was "is it wrong for me to learn my patterns aside from my chief instructor?" No, unless he/she has told you not to do that. You do need to realize that using a video, you might not get all the techniques precisely correct but you can learn a pattern that way. If you are proficient in all the ones you know including the colored belt patterns, then your instructor should not mind if you begin your learning that way. If at a college and not WTF school or club is available, then you could use that as part of your appeal to your instructor. You probably already know this, but I remind other black belts when I see them having trouble, be sure to break the pattern down into segments and sections. It will make it much easier to learn and to teach.

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