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Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Royen, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Royen

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    Hi Guys!

    I do not have much knowledge about martial arts, my sister told me that everyone should learn it for self-defense.

    She is younger to me; I do know where she learns such kind of stuff. Do really martial arts can be used for self-defense?Which types of techniques are useful for self-defense?
  2. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Yes, of course. Self defense is not even tied to any martial arts, you can do self defense without any prior knowledge or skill of martial arts. For instance, running away is a self defense mechanism and should be the first to learn which is why many martial arts start with running to make your body get used to it. However, martial arts shape the techniques you can use for self defense. Particularly, Tae Kwon Do schools commonly has curriculum for self defense (though AFAIK no standard other than 1 & 3 step sparring naming), usually only empty handed, to keep the TKD philosophy intact.
    Useful (or effective)? Everything you've learned. Efficient? The ones that require the least movement but enough to knock the enemy down.
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  3. Matt

    Matt Member

    Self defense is a broad topic and I'm pretty sure every martial art will teach you their own form of it. Whether one is better then another that is a different story. I believe my self defense through my taekwondo would be very strong in standing position, but if I was taken to the ground I do have some knowledge but not as much as a judo or jujitsu master would have. Anything you learn through martial arts has a purpose and therefore yes, it can be used for self defense. For example the first kick we usually teach is front kick. This kick is very useful when using the top of the foot to the groin. While it is not allowed in sport competition a kick to the groin is one of the first things you should do if attacked by a man. The best techniques are the ones that keep you safe and while doing what you need to to the enemy. For example if a man is trying to kill you, you might want o go a little harder with him. But if its your best friends who is drunk at a bar, you don't want to kill him. So wrist controls would be very helpful in that situation because you can remain safe while not dismembering your friend.
  4. Gnarlie

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    Taekwondo DOES give you combative techniques, and principles that can be used for self defence. How effective that self defence CAN BE will depend on your understanding of those principles and techniques and your drive to train them in a self defence oriented manner. Getting to a stage of competence where you can use all the techniques in a meaningful way will take a long time. It just takes time to learn things. Any course that claims quick results is a con.

    Your Taekwondo class alone will not be enough, you will have to do work for yourself outside of class time.

    How effective your self defence WILL BE depends on a lot of factors outside of your physical ability, not all of which Taekwondo will teach you. Avoidance. Awareness. Body language and non verbal communication. Verbal deescalation. Decision making under stress. Lining up. Preemption. Adrenalin control. Strategy. Tactics. Legal implications of your actions. Dealing with multiple threats and weapons. Dealing with police. What to say.

    There's a lot of work to be done outside of Taekwondo to make it a viable self defence tool. That is true for most martial arts, even those that claim to be self defence oriented. They tend to focus on the physical. If a situation gets physical, then the majority of your self defence opportunity has already been poorly managed.
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  5. maryf

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    self defense is generally main reason behind learning martial arts, however people do learn it for their passion towards it as well. ;)
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