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Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by kevinbatchelor, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. kevinbatchelor

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    Has anyone heard of "military forms". My first TKD school taught what they called military forms in addition to taeguk forums. They where different in that they where all stationary preformed from the horse stance moving with no steps into back and front stance. I wish i could find a video of them.
  2. canadiankyosa

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  3. Gnarlie

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    How long ago was this and what association was it?

    I suspect these were either a relic from early Korean Karate, perhaps variants of Japanese forms or an in-house creation. We still do horse stance drilling of blocks, strikes and other movements.
  4. Raymond

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    I'm with Gnarlie on this one. I know my instructor's forms were in house creations with his grand master except for Dan forms which were WTF. And maybe like Gnarlie mentioned you have seen a variation of horse stance drills.
  5. canadiankyosa

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  6. kevinbatchelor

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    I figured it may have been such a creation, I should ask my old master. As I think back, he called them something like Aikido Bon Jaks. We did the traditional horse stance drills too. Thanks.
  7. Gnarlie

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    Suspect he may have called them Kibon Dongjak (basic techniques), there used to be many different ones, but here's Kibon Il (Basic 1): Horse Stance, Left low block, Right low block, left middle block, right middle block, left high block, right high block, left middle punch, right middle punch, left high punch, right high punch. Sound familiar?
  8. kevinbatchelor

    kevinbatchelor New Member

    Thats got to be it. Thanks!
  9. Pat Avery

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    Sounds like they may be Tang Soo Do forms called Naihanchi
  10. NoBullShitFighting

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    I know about these, I have seen new forms based of of the millitary forms within various GTF and ?WTA? organisations. It is alot of upper body movement, blocks and such, reminds a bit about Po-Eun. Personally, I think such forms can be great, being able to hold your hands up over prolonged periods of time is good for your guard.

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