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    I have been off training for roughly 10 weeks now. It is now affecting my motivation. I am moving into a dark and scary place where I don't want to do any exercise (let alone MA). It is also directly affecting my diet as it directly links with my fitness plans.

    Any suggestions on how I can get refocused? Have you been in similar situations? Do you have any fitness plans to help ease back in?

    I can't do any impact based activities (like running) for another six weeks but plenty other workouts I can do.

  2. Finlay

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    first i think you are doing the right thing by continuing in forums and internet based research.

    i thinkyou should look in to kettlebells, for mei became addicited after my first session becasue of the link to MA.

    it sounds like you are going through the same sort of thing i have been through a few times. i you want to contact me privately we can chat more
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  3. I've not been doing MA or any sort of fitness to have experienced any lack of motivation. What I can say is I agree with Finlay about kettlebells. I started doing kettlebells about 2 - 3 months ago and absolutley love it.

    I have gone from doing no fitness to doing somesort of fitness class 4 times a week.

    Many Thanks

  4. UK-Student

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    Sounds really really familiar. When I am off from training, I often feel the same.

    I think it's just philosophical. You make the training a part of yourself so that people know you as that guy who trains.....even when your heart is saying no, brain has to say, look you're the guy who trains....if you don't train, who will? if you don't train then who even are you? I guess you make the goals a part of yourself.

    As for specifics, I just run and do martial arts. I don't see myself as an athlete, just a martial artist. Your goals may be different and you may want to do way more than I do.
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  5. Gnarlie

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    More than a grain of truth there for me. Training has become part of my identity - how can it not when we spend so much time doing it?
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    To add to what was said before, Training is a life long thing. you can't go hard at it all the time. there have been time in my life when my focus was competition and i was really conditioned. times when, becasue of where i was living i couldn't train, i started each day running through some patterns, my eveings were spent in the gym.

    Life isn't the same year to year your training will have ups and downs too
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