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    If you have tried to build muscle in the past and failed, you would want to continue reading this article. Contrary to what many people believe, a muscle weight gain program does not have to take months for you to begin to see results.FB1-TEST In fact, with the right program, you should expect to see results within days. Now having the right program alone will not help you build muscles, you also need to be persistent and committed. Here is where many people go wrong.They start off well, but when they do not see immediate results, they give up and look for another program that will supposedly get them ripped ripped overnight. Such people want results but they are not willing to pu.FB1-TEST t in the effort that will help them achieve their goals.So now that we know that having the right program is half the solution to building muscle and that the other half is persistence and commitment, i would like to introduce you to a program worth considering.If you have spent your time researching on the best programs to help get you ripped or toned, then you have probably heard of Vince Del Monte's No non sense Muscle Building Guide. If you haven't then read on.Vince's story is an example of how he was to change his life from being teased about his skinny appearance to now being considered one of the most respected and most sort after fitness experts.

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