my flexibility is really bad

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    It doesn't matter who a person is. The stretch reflex kicks in the same, the muscles and connecting tissues dos the same, etc. Hydration and many other factors are the choice of the person. I cannot retain water long and yet my stretch has improved with just doing the stretches he suggested. I followed Elastic Steel and the stretches he does are fine for gymnasts and ballet dancers if you wish to take many months for most to succeed. Kurz puts his videos to shame because he gives the different ways to succeed better and specifies his program for martial artists, not ballet or gymnastics.

    The idea of strength and stretching on the same day inhibit stretching for plain, simple and logical reasons. Get his book and video (Secrets of Stretching has all you need along with the book and website) and you will need nothing else. I see too many instructors teaching unhealthy kicking, too, and parents are unaware and are putting their child's health and welfare in the hands of the ignorant. I am sure that searching four peers may turn up something. I have researched many and his program is highly recommended by many. I suggest looking at Bill Wallace as well, but nobody I have found, but Kurz, explains whys something should not be done and/or how to correct it.

    We can argue and debate it all we want, but I know it works and I strongly encourage people start with it and use try it. I betcha buttons to bullets, many, if not most, instructors are probably doing it wrong. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding and his has been a bible on it for almost 30 years now. I still use Wallace, Elastic Steel, and others for some things, but I have all I need with Kurz: all the leg and "core" exercises. The only thing people need to do is find the order that works best before 30 years is up. lmao

    Also, he has about 100+, it seems, sources listed in his book. I did not count them,but there are many upon many,
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    No matter what route you take, good luck.
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    Just realised you had an additional question ...
    Core exercises is in its own right a separate topic for discussion. However, from a TKD perspective, properly training your kicks will give you a decent core workout. As you learn to rotate your hips and control kicks using your core. The more you train the more natural it becomes.

    There a lot of core exercises out there to help you with the above, I have found the following useful (youtube/Google for exact technique)
    1. Plank
    2. Side plank
    3. Crunch/reverse crunch
    4. Hanging leg raises
    5. Deadlifts
    6. 'broomstick twists'
    Notice I list a number of exercises but these broadly fall into two categories, stabilisation and rotation. Both essential for TKD. You need to train your core for both.
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    Plankiing is a useless exercise for anyone undeer 65-70 or with some major issues that cannot do crunches, situps (do them no more than 45 degrees up), and back extensions.

    I am not sure how long they will stay on Youtube, but it seems I have to upload the Kurz videos there instead of here.

    Here is the temporary link for Kurz's Secrets of Stretching. Follow this, with or without the weights in the strength training, and you have all you need to know (and his book, Stretching Scientifically, and his website link I posted earlier in the thread.
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    fin what works for you, relaxed stretching and holding positions maybe your thing for your body and life style. when i was young i stretch a lot never got to to full split but had good high kicks,

    high kicks are more about technique than flexibility although you do need both.

    doing the plits is like the holy grial to some peoplebut the harder you try to get to them the longer it will take.

    I am about to take a flexability program up again becasue my office job is wrecking my hips. i do a lot of hip mobility exercises right now but not extreme stretching.

    one thing i heard which is very important, flexibility is a whole body issue,
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    I do not know why it is not here, but I posted the link for all you need to know about good stretching.

    Many kids can kick high will low flexibility, but not all. Flexibility is not about preventing injury. It is about raising the level at which the injuries will occur. Relaxed stretching is done for a reason: relaxed muscles stretch easier and they will tend to stay relaxed most of the time, making kicks faster, resulting in them being more powerful.

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    I have Kurz's book, "Stretching Scientifically" but never finished reading it. Glad this came up and thanks for the vid just watched most of it and am going to employ his system and techniques, since after 3 1/2 years I feel like I've made very little progress in flexibility.
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    In most clubs, they tell you "You need to stretch at home." The failures are a) to teach proper stretching routines b) telling you to do something but not how c) the ignorant static "stretching" done after a bunch of useless calisthenics by people who know nothing and yet are "teaching" the alleged warmups.

    Finish the book. I just ordered a used hard copy for myself because the method he does works. People can use the tired line "it depends on the person." and I rebut back that muscles, anatomy, and physiology are the same for all. It just takes more time and slight modifications on the angles to make his routines work. His "straddle stance" for the side splits is the ace!!!

    If I seem hot about the subject, I am and I refuse to be one of those ignorant instructors. I cannot stand the blind leading so that others are to become blind.
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    So to break down his technique from the video in the most simplistic way, this is what I see. Strengthen the abs and back first, strengthen the legs second, start stretching, continue to strengthen. Correct?
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    That is pretty much it, yes. The legs are weak if the abs are weak. Also, strong legs and weak abs are a disaster waiting to happen: muscle imbalance. Stretching does not have to wait, but the strengthening gives it stronger support on the joints and it helps aid in making the stretch more lucrative.

    Do the "straddle"-type horse stance and get to holding for 2 minutes with thighs parallel to the floor. At that point, you can start adding wait in the ways he suggests. This is also his suggestion on waiting to do isometric stretching.

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