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Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Deathnever, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Deathnever

    Deathnever Member

    I am 21, I have recently(2 months now) just restarted my training in Taekwondo. When i was younger i really enjoyed the sparring/tournaments I had achieved quite a bit in my competitive career. I have goals and dreams of entering and being successful in tournaments, but is it too late to start the competitive scene? its been over 8 years since i practiced, I feel like the skill gap would be too high for me to be able to bridge. I know that i shouldn't limit myself and never stop practicing Taekwondo, but is it unrealistic for me to aim for tournaments?

    I practice 4 days a week at my school. 2 days a week at home
    I have my red belt currently
    Bantam weight
  2. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    Of course it isn't. The question is what are your goals and what are you willing to do to achieve them.
  3. kieran skeldon

    kieran skeldon New Member

    I'm in the same boat i did tae kwon-do when i was about 12 and started up again at 3rd kup a year and i half ago all i can say is keep competing im now 20 and going for black belt hopefully in December i'll see how i do at that level and make me my decision then but as long as you enjoy competing that's the most important part
  4. Pat Thomson

    Pat Thomson Member

    I started at 14. Haven't Stopped. TBH I have never competed (I do Rhee Taekwondo (military style) which is non competitive semi contact(as we don't wear padding, as a colour belt its nearly non contact as a blackbelt its occasionally full contact)), I (at 24) can still keap up with the 17-21 year olds who have trained for similar lengths as me. I just suggest train your hardest and go for your best, that may be winning a comp or it may be another place. But just do your best.
  5. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    I think sometimes we think of reality as much harder than it is. Recently I did a camp for 2 weeks, I was really worried that i was going to get a thumping everyday for 2 weeks. But when I got there and just did it it was as bad, yeah I got hit but Iwas fighting back and the people around me were not all super human.

    Get in and do it 21 is when i was winning most of my tournaments, you won;t be fighitng world champions all the way
  6. Deathnever

    Deathnever Member

    I've started to up my practice to 3 hours a day. Hopefully i can enter tournaments in a years time and be able to compete at an appropriate level(is that unrealistic?). I'll try and keep a track and transition process log of some sort to keep myself oriented.

    Any suggestions on ways i can increase flexibility? i stretch twice a day(once when i practice and once in the morning). I fear stretching a third time, i don't want to overstretch and cause harm.
  7. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    This is the type of thing you have to do. That is up your training, but tkd training is not enough. You need to supplement it.

    As far as flexibility goes, it is hard to go wrong following Kurz's stuff.

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