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  1. RM-

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    So I've noticed that a lot of people I spar have a certain strategy that revolves around 'sitting back and waiting' what I mean by this is when I try to approach with a side kick they will back off and repeat eventually till I get frustrated and end up doing something stupid and getting countered OR I get too tired and they being to start assault me with various kicks leaving me exhausted and barely able to defend myself.

    So my questions are:
    What should you do when you approach and you KNOW your opponent will back off( retreat and stay just out of reach) to your side kick.
    What should I do when my opponent likes to fake me out by doing 360 turning kick.
    What should I do against aggressive opponents who will always go forward no matter how much I side kick and retreat.

    Thanks in advance I really appreciate it.
  3. asphalt666

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    I do not consider side kick being a great attacking kick but works fine as defense. If you always attack with a side kick, your opponent will know and adapt to you making it harder for you to hit.

    Vary your kicks and chain them, spin, move, fly! In modern TKD sparring it is well known that most first kick won't hit but if you fake the first one, they might back up and you can keep up with your spin adding a mondolyo, dwit chagi or dwit fragi.

    If you know he'll fake and end with a 360, you can always shorter his kicking range by moving IN its range, punch to the plexus and evade with a dwit fragi?

    If they always move forward, evade at 45 degree and hit them while they're still moving ;)

    Most of all, have fun! ;)
  4. Mario Ray Mahardhika

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    Don't use side kick to attack then.
    Keep an eye on the hips, shoulder and back foot. Those three when "read" thoroughly can give early sign of 360 turning kick. You must be able to calculate the distance of the opponent's kick range and move either sideways or backwards until to an unreachable distance. Once your opponent's leg passes the middle of your body, counter. Many professional fighters use this moment to KO'd their opponent by counter attacking using spinning hook kick to the back of the head. My experience a back kick to the ribs is already enough since at that moment the stance is somewhat weak.
    Do fast back kick or side/front kick using the front foot. If your leg control is good, front foot axe kick could be used as well. Otherwise (e.g. if you're tired), let the opponent in while blocking the attacks then clinch. Use that moment to raise your foot to the opponent's head from a side.
  5. John F

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    Mario's advice is pretty solid. I'm bad at sparring myself. But it sounds like I can help a little.

    I'm confused as why you are using a side kick as your first kick in your sequence when you approach some one. All the straight line kicks (Side, front and back) are great for stopping some one but really difficult to use for moving forwards, blitzing or pursuit. At best lets say you hit with the side kick, you can't follow up since you set the distance between you and them at beyond your max kick distance. (accounting for a little bit of push back). Secondly, it sounds like you are approaching your target with only a one and done mentality. Even old grandmas can avoid getting hit by a single kick. You need to throw 2 to 4 kicks in a sequence.
  6. Cliff Williams

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    I agree with everything that's been said, a side kick is not the best first attack. Especially if your opponent is waiting for it; for that matter, no attack that your opponent is waiting for is going to be effective!

    You might want to try to vary your attacks more, also, don't let them sit back and wait, "body" them if you need to, if you get close to them it will put them on the defensive which is exactly where you want them... that way you might get a chance to be the one sitting back and waiting :)
  7. Finlay

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    Just out of interest, ITF or WTF?

    My guess is WTF,
  8. Gnarlie

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    Side step and attack from an angle that makes it difficult for them to counter. Or feint to draw the counter, then attack. Try to think tactically about the interaction, rather than just what you are doing. Force your opponent to act the way you want, then take advantage of that. Three low feints will draw a low block to the fourth, head height kick.

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