Never Thought TKD Discipline Would Lead to This

Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Rcoskrey, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Rcoskrey

    Rcoskrey New Member

    I never thought the TKD disciplines I've learned would lead to this. Particulary Integrity.
    A fight but not like the one in the ring. Like the one in life against injustice. In this case an injustice
    against me.

    I have some problems with depression and anxiety. This place that treats me and is supposed to help me has been doing a lousy job. My client rights have been well, squashed over and over. Since before September things have gone on. The situation came to a head when someone called me a liar and threatened me.

    Well, this Friday, I have a meeting to discuss the matter with the people involved and their supervisors.
    I'm thinking this experience will either make me stronger or drive me to drink. :D

    I never thought what I learn in TKD about taking on the odds even if my chances of success are slim to none. I never thought I would be dealing with a state run agency run by Bullies with a degree.
    I wish I could invite them to my dojo and teach them a lesson in humility. Guess that lesson will be taught to them on their own turf.

    Sometimes what we learn in TKD spills over into other areas of life. I apologize if I sound weird with this post. I guess this Friday I get the privilidge of making this place eat the can of worms they opened.
    BYOB. Bring your own BS. :D
  2. lynM

    lynM Member

    TKD brings confidence and empowerment to your life. : ) It doesn't surprise me. Stand tall and best of luck in your battle.
  3. Rcoskrey

    Rcoskrey New Member

    Just wanted you to know I prevailed. It was four of them against me. Here's the kicker. They want me to submit a proposal about how to prevent other people from experiencing what I did. I not only made them eat the worms but the can they were in. I took on a state run agency alone and won. If I could jump and kyap in this thread, I would.
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  4. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    nicely done :) Tkd does when in a good school help people in al areas of life...

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