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Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Petra Roesner, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Petra Roesner

    Petra Roesner New Member

    Dear Taekwondo friends:

    my book, "Taekwondo, more than a martial art, a journey for life" will be published in the next few weeks. Unlike most books about our beloved art, this book is not about kicking and punching, it is about learning to become persons of good character and to live the tenets of Taekwondo in our daily lives. It is a book for students of Taekwondo, those who are thinking about becoming students of this great sport, parents of TKD students and instructors alike. I hope that many of you find as much joy reading this book as I had writing it!

    Thanks for all your support in spreading the word,

  2. Anthony Hayward

    Anthony Hayward Active Member

    Hi Petra... Sounds good.. looking forward to reading it.. Will it be available on say "Amazon"
  3. Petra Roesner

    Petra Roesner New Member

    Anthony, it should be!
  4. Oerjan

    Oerjan Active Member

    Please give us a link when they get the book:) Congratulations:)
  5. Petra Roesner

    Petra Roesner New Member

    Oerjan, I will certainly do this! and thanks for the interest. Where exactly are you?
  6. Oerjan

    Oerjan Active Member

    On my couch right now:) I live in Norway, Bergen city if that is what you were wondering:)
  7. Chris J

    Chris J Active Member

    Would love to see a copy....
  8. Kimberly

    Kimberly New Member

    I am super excited to see this book. Please don't forget to share the link. Can you pre-order anywhere?
  9. Petra Roesner

    Petra Roesner New Member

    Dear Kimberly, the book will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am not sure about pre-ordering but as soon as it is "out" I will post more. I am very thrilled about this project because it shows that TKD is so much more than kicking and punching! Thanks for your interest! In the spirit of the sport,
  10. Petra Roesner

    Petra Roesner New Member

    Chris, I am happy to see that you are interested in the book. I will post update when it is "out" immediately. I am so excited to have researched the issue of character development and TKD in the first place and the decision to share my findings with the larger community. I hope that you will enjoy the experiences that I learned about! Thanks for your support.
  11. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Active Member

    i will be very interested in this book as im pretty tired of the how to books lol please post a link when it is available. will it be available to buy on sites ?
  12. Petra Roesner

    Petra Roesner New Member

    Hello Michael:

    the book will be available on amazon and barnes and noble (online). I am glad you are interested in reading it!
  13. Dinkyduda

    Dinkyduda New Member

    Normally dont comment much but am looking forward to your book

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