New National Governing Body for Tae Kwon DO and all arts.

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    Just sharing the news that the ITC (International Tae Kwon DO Council) has grown rapidly since its inaugeration in September 2012.
    The council has been set up in the UK to be an option for Instructors and practitioners to have a choice other than the only other NGB that is the BTC.
    The ITC is running not for profit and welcomes new or existing instructors that want to be assited and not dictated to.
    The ITC is there as a service to all rather than the other way around.
    We will be putting up an information pack for you all to browse over.

    The initial web site is at

    The way the ITC is to be run and managed has also got the support of Founder General Choi hong Hi's origional right hand man and personal assistant Grand Master Kwang Duk Chung who was also the one of the origional directors of the ITF.

    As the council is international, it can also provide international background checks for proffessional instructors.

    With many Masters and Grand Masters such as GM Paul Liversidge and GM Benny Teh behind this insurance backed NGB we can help you in every way you need.

    The council also has on board as a founding member Mr Roger Lawrence who was named the Don of Liverpool and proclaimed by the T.A.G.B as the best fighter they have ever know after winning many European championships and world titles.

    If you want to know more please feel free to contact me or via the Council.
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    By January there were over 200 members and now with over 680 members to date, there are many different groups coming on board to use the services.

    With many now also becoming Recognised and verified members.

    As it grows it is looking to support the schools etc by helping with grants and offers you a Club Mark version for those that want to work with the commercial companies such as ASDA, Nestle and Sainsburys etc.

    WTF practitioners are welcome as we are all family and there is already only one Taekwondo and you practice it.

    Karate, Judo, Aikido practitioners are also members and they to are welcome to join the ITC.

    If you are interested in been a representative in another country, then by all means please too feel free to enquire.
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