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Discussion in 'The Video Room' started by NoBullShitFighting, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. NoBullShitFighting

    NoBullShitFighting Active Member

    This is a thread for posting video of new rare TKD patterns. Preferably ones constructed at Kukkiwon, or at least at the same level. I want to show you Hanryu(meaning korean wave) performed by Danish form champion Ky Tu Dang. Bikak(youtful spirit) from 2007. And ITF pattern Mugung-Hwa(name of the national flower of korea, Hibiscus syriacus) from 2008, constructed and performed by Master Manuel Adrogue 6th Dan.




  2. Raymond

    Raymond Active Member

    I liked the form in the first video. I was confused at first with the splits and music but then I realized he was just limbering up :)
  3. NoBullShitFighting

    NoBullShitFighting Active Member

    Yeah, very impotant! Hanrya starts at 1:07 minutes. Mugung-hwa starts at 7:03 minutes!

    I tried to make it so the vides startet there, but it failed.

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