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Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Kevin, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Taekwondo starts today at the Olympics. It starts with the mens under 58kg and the womens under 49kg.

    Here's a quick reminder of the Taekwondo schedule at the Olympics.

    8 August: Mens -58kg and Women's -49kg

    9 August: Mens -68kg and Women's -57kg

    10 August: Mens -80kg and Women's -67kg

    11 August: Mens +80kg and Women's +67kg

    Who's watching just now?

  2. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    Just tuned in for the mens Korean vs Thai fight.

    Really don't like the fist pumping.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    I'm watching that too. Seems to be good sportsmanship between the two though.

    The first womens fight I watched earlier between Argentina and Morocco was terrible. This has been better.

    Coming from an ITF background, I still find many aspects of Olympic Taekwondo frustrating to watch.
  4. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    The Mexican judge did a good job of keeping the action going.
    The 08 Olympics was hard to watch in comparison.
  5. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

  6. Mick King

    Mick King Member

    I am watching all of it some great fighters, liked the mens Korea v Egypt, felt sorry for the Egyptian guy great fighter. I know some people will turn on just to criticize as it's not what they do but please remember this is only the sporting side for competions only, not for fighting in the street 90% of WTF do not train this way only the young so give them a break, enjoy the skill and remember how hard it is for them to get in their national teams, lets all support our own national teams if only while the olympics are on, half of the G.B team are ex ITF. Sorry about the rant but some people must be mad if they think we would fight like that in the street, they are fighting to win tournaments only, not fighting to win in club's and bar's.
  7. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    Ye sorry I dont get it and never will, they all just seem to stand there and look at each other, and I do WTF Taekwondo :/

    And Im sad the the Aussie guy got knocked out in his next round.
  8. The Outsider

    The Outsider New Member

    I just watched the men's and women's bronze medal matches and they were fantastic! Good calls by the refs IMHO. I really like the challenge/replay system. In the case of the men's match, it really did the Columbian player justice!

    Regardless of what others think, I believe the eHogus and replay system are the keys to keeping TKD scoring fair and keeping TKD in the Olympics. So many times do I see bad calls made with the old RingMaster system. The matches I watched were far, far better run than in past games.
  9. Paul Crawte

    Paul Crawte New Member

    I watched some yesterday and was quite relieved. My son and I are travelling to the games on Friday, hoping for a great day out. I had feared the TKD would be a bit dull, but from the stuff I watched I thought 90% of it was fast paced and great.

    Great stuff!!!
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  10. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    The men's fight between Brazil and Uzbekistan has not been good.
    The women's France v Chile was though.

    edit. the third round of the men's fight was a bit better.
  11. Mick King

    Mick King Member

    Agree with you and the columbian fighter looks very good
  12. Ted Martin

    Ted Martin Member

    Womens 57kg preliminary Thailand Vs Taiwan was a great match.... Finally a fight had me dancing in my chair.. I have to say the I have not been excited about may of the fights I have watched so far (but i did miss a bunch)..
  13. The Outsider

    The Outsider New Member

    The game continues to evolve! I just watched Jade Jones score most of her points in the quarter finals with cut kicks (a modified front leg side kick for all the old-timers). Back in the old days, they wouldn't even score those so you could only use them as a setup for a round kick. I think the modern fighting style with the new Daedo system is now a lot more true to the entire range of TKD kicking techniques.
  14. thegoodlife

    thegoodlife New Member

    Although drastically better than the 2008 games, I'm not all that impressed with most of the action. With the new incentives for "grazing" head kicks, the sport has morphed into this pseudo sport karate/ITF front leg head kick fest in which the fighter tries to "fish" for a head shot, rather load up and strike. IMHO this style looks horrendous. However, one bright spot of the Olympics has been watching Servet Tazegul. Some of his moves are literally UNREAL. Anyone can spin, but most people do so with the intent of throwing the first roundhouse. The way he executes a spin, he always allows himself the opportunity for multiple options, all of which are lethal, whether it's an adaban, a back kick or even another spin to chase the fighter and reset those options, moreover, he can instantly change direction and throw a hook the other way. Amazing stuff if you ask me.
  15. Mick King

    Mick King Member

    Techniques change all the time I would not say fighting off the front leg is ITF I do it some times and I have never been ITF I have seen many kicks come and go, for a while everyone uses them then to gain advantage something else will come in, in the 70s it was slide in side kick in the 90s 45 % turning kick which for the spectator got boring to watch, and stance's while sparring change, from side or back stance to a forward facing stance things are not worse now just different.I was watching Servet Tazegul and he is exciting to watch. The intresting thing watching the Olympics they all fought in different ways some used alot off the front leg and some did not. I thought the new technology Video replay worked very well .
  16. Ted Martin

    Ted Martin Member

    It would be nice to see Canada win there first ever metal in men's TKD... One step closer...
  17. Leighton

    Leighton Member

    Just to put my pennies worthinto the mix as the tournament is over, I was dreading how the TKD was going to pan out this year as I personnaly dont think the sparring in the Olympics is the greatest advert for TKD as a whole. Saying this I have been impressed by alot of the competition, it's not been the old boring 'bouncing on the spot'. There has been alot more action than what I was expecting. Well done to all the athletes who have achieved their dreams and come away with a medal.
  18. Paul Crawte

    Paul Crawte New Member

    I went on the Friday. We missed Sarah Stevenson's fight as we were booked into the afternoon and evening sessions. We saw Latalo loose a fight and then move to his bronze win.

    There were a couple of fights that were probably technically brilliant, but dull to watch. When they came out to fight for the chance to go for bronze the action REALLY picked up. They were all hungry for it and it was, at times, like two Tasmanian Devils had had a falling out. In places truly awesome. The atmosphere was fantastic - everyone cheering all the players - friendly rivalry amongst the audience but hearty congratulations all round afterwards. When Latalo got his bronze, in an amazing fight, the place went crazy nuts.

    I'd change the rules here and there, the "grazing head shots" introduced some very exciting exchanges..... but overall I thought it was an exciting sport to watch. We can pick holes in all martial sports, from Olympic judo, fencing and boxing under the Queensbury rules. What I saw was performances from remarkable athletes - blood sweat and tears all round. I saw judges being careful to be fair. And I sat in an audience fascinated by and in awe of the skills they were privileged to be able to witness. I am unsure if allowing the players to punch each other in the face in order to make the game "more realistic" would have done anything to improve those elements, and I think those elements are really important in sport.
  19. MitchG

    MitchG Member

    Does anyone know anywhere we can download the competitions from? I know ( has video of the quarterfinals on, but I would like to watch them all with my Master and break them down... a lot to learn from!
  20. Colin Vaters

    Colin Vaters New Member

    Hey Mitch, has all the videos, even the prelims. go to the results and schedule page and scroll over the morning and afternoon sessions to get access to the early matches!

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