On not giving up

Discussion in 'The Dojang' started by Gnarlie, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Gnarlie

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    They say you should never give up.

    I always give up. And every time, without exception, I am always disappointed with myself for doing so.

    But every time I try, it's a little longer before I give up. And I will never give up trying.
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  2. John Hulslander

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  3. Nik Cannon

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    It gets harder the older you get, life and kids get in the way of any singular purpose, I failed my driving test 6 times due to stupid nerves, I finally tried meditation and breathing exercises to overcome the irrational fears, and finally passed.
    I have mild scoliosis to the spine ( muscular, not bone) which has arose through not being treated correctly, or successfully by numerous doctors, I would get severe back spasms that left me on the floor unable to move for upto 45 mins, walking for any length of time would become painful, I would get numb feet and burning, searing pain in my right thigh.
    After trying many things, and being sick of just popping pills, I tried an osteopath, after about 12 sessions I felt like my old self, free of pain, ( relatively ) I have a visit every 3-6 months as a top up, and try to do yoga whenever I can as well.
    There was no way I would ever envision a martial art a couple of years ago, now, after 3 months, I'm loving it!
    I've just turned 48, and did my first grading a few days ago with my 7 year old son, and I wasn't the only middle aged father grading with their sons for the first time.
  4. Gazzer

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    Good onya mate :) My motto for TKD, "just keep walking through that door" I train 3 times a week and have done for 6 years now :) nearly up to my 3rd dan grading, its hard to keep the motivation up with everything that goes on in life, very hard, but I just go.
    I started when I was 37 and my daughter started 5 years ago when she was 11.
  5. Shawchert

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    I feel you. I had to leave TKD due to my mother whining about the cost (and to this day I don't know hwat she was whining about! it was $25 a month for 3 days for 1.5 hours!! That's an AMAZING DEAL!!! also the instructors were super! They were undercutting themselves in the pricing!) Then when I went back when I could afford my own money and found out they were basically handing out belts, I left. I hate quitting. It's not my thing. I always grit my teeth to get things done! It took me 17 years to find another dojang nearby. I missed it so much. I'll do anything to get to my classes now, though it would be hard since I can't drive and the place is 5 miles away. So many things factor in what a person can and will do and what is beyond their control.

    Always keep trying! :) That is a great thing!

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