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Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by Finlay, May 28, 2014.

  1. Finlay

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    I once saw a book (didn't read it ) that had the title of "one kata for 5 years" got me thinking about patterns. First of all how many of us really study the patterns to depth. By that i mean not just the from to make it look good and smooth transitions, but also the application, also the mental conditioning, and everything that can be possibly contain within a form


    Which pattern would you choose if you had to work on one one for 5 years or even longer
  2. stoneagedinosaur

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    Having been a first Dan for a few years, it has allowed me to slow down and really consider the patterns that I know. I have no desire (or time) currently to push for 2nd Dan. Picturing all the moves and considering their application has really enhaced my 1 step sparring. I guess, Toi-Gye would be my first choice as I haven't focused in too much on that one - followed by Ge-Baek as there's so much to learnI
  3. Matt

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    Well I think some people study patterns in depth, to a great extent. I am a third dan and I am supposed to know what every move in every pattern is used for, which I do. If I had to pick a pattern to work on for 5 years I would choose the 2nd dan pattern Juche, there is just so much to do with that pattern, and I've already been doing it for 5 years, but I know I could work on it for another 5
  4. Gnarlie

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    I have studied Keumgang with special focus for 12 years. The movements, how to make it look good, textbook and potential alternative applications for the movements, the philosophical meaning behind the form and the movements, the symbolism contained within the movements, and the principles connecting them in the wider context of Taekwondo, religion, culture and life. It is a form I do not claim to fully comprehend, and I doubt I ever will. I will continue to work on it though. I don't think there are many practitioners of Taekwondo alive outside of Korea who really understand what Poomsae / Hyung / Tul really communicate.
  5. Oerjan

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    I am torn between Keumgang, Taegeuk Il (1) Jang (yes seriously) and Chulgi Chudan Hyung. 5 years one Kata by Bill Burgar was a huge eyeopener for me. He was not the first to enlighten the MA world as to alternative Applications study but for me he really opened my eyes to the possibilities of getting the most out of just one form. After Reading it I really thought that one good form is all that you really need if you study it deeply. I have largely based "my personal Taekwondo" on the Three forms I mentioned before and I have used them for just about everything you can think of (extracting formal sparring, extracting "textbook explanations for techniques, extracting "alternative Applications for self defense", making self defense drills, mnemonic Devices to remember everything etc).

    Once you study in this Depth you see how shallow just the empty performance of forms for the sake of demonstration, competition and grading purposes really is and while I agree With Gnarlie that you can never "really understand a form completly" you will understand what the older masters said when talking about forms.

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