One Punch Can Kill

Discussion in 'The Dojang' started by Gnarlie, Jan 29, 2014.

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    link doesn't work (for me), but good to see the word is getting out world wide, instead of a "King Hit" we now call it a "Coward Punch" and the phrase has caught on and really befits the action... yet while I agree with the term and the"political" actions taken to prevent it and the further legal action of conviction when found guilty and the fact it takes a different type of personality to commit this type of action, one has to wonder, are the "victims" aware of the situation they are placing themselves in, should there be some emphasis placed on being aware of where you are and what may happen, "situational awareness"... just don't be there....
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    Yeah, the link didn't work for me either.

    A few years ago here in the States there was a story of a fast food worker on trial for killing an old man. The old man got the wrong order or something, and started arguing with the employee. Then the old man reached across the counter and punched the employee. As just a reaction, the employee reached out and hit the old man back, but the old man fell down and hit his head and died.
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    In this case it would be hard to judge this a coward punch, but then again, you don't punch old blokes. Same as you don't hit women. So what happened to the employee in the end?
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    I'm sorry but if it comes to self defence i will punch an old person or female if I have to.

    Unfortunately, and I take no pride in it I did have to punch a woman once, she came out of the blue and was about to stiletto someone in the back of the head for no reason other than being drunk.

    I say punch, it was a jab to off balance her so I could get closer and hold her still. Quite a crowded place.

    But at the end of the day if you have to defend yourself then age and gender don't come into it, as long as it is a reasonable use of force and appropriate to the situation then it's fine.
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    I'm saying that at my age and experience I have many options, even defending myself against a woman or old people I have many choices. Punching a woman or an old person isn't necessary when there are so many other options.
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    I'd disagree with one small part, I'd say isn't "always" nessisary. Iv had to restrain old people and women in my job and not had to hit them, however in my situation explained above it was my only option due to the surroundings and intervening objects.

    Ps id like to add it wasn't in the face it was the shoulder/collarbone area.

    Iv never punched a chick in the face, I can't ever see where it would be neasisary, BUT, you never know!

    (If Ronda Rousy came at me you bet I'm firing one at the jaw haha)

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