Opinions on FTF? And opinions on TKD

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    If you guys haven't seen the two jokers on YouTube (martialartstutor), u should check them out! Taylor is working on making his on tkd federation while matt challenged all WTF AND ITF taekwondo practitioners to a fight! Anyway I agree with Taylor that we should have less forms in tkd and a more realistic sparring but I don't think he's qualified to make his own federation! He bashes every martial art besides a very few! He also wants to make TKD 90% grappling and get rid of a lot of tkd moves! Sounds like he wants to do MMA and call it TKD! I find it funny how he will bash tkd sparring but support bjj sparring when bjj sparring is nothing like a real fight either! Plz give ur opinions on martialartstutor and what u think TKD should make some adjustments on! Thx

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  2. Gnarlie

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    I think they, like many who profess that they know TKD to be ineffective, are not worth my time.

    I think it's ironic that they demonstrate so many traits that Taekwondo discourages and so few that it encourages. This tells me that they understood very little of what they were taught.

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  3. Mario Ray Mahardhika

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    Tae Kwon Do is poomsae, a grandmaster once said. Get rid of it, it's no longer Tae Kwon Do. Period. If you like MMA, go with MMA. Don't turn Tae Kwon Do into MMA. If you can't do poomsae well, so is your Tae Kwon Do skill. Don't blame it if you can't use it correctly to fight, blame your inability to absorb it. Talking about realistic fight, MMA is not realistic. Realistic fight has no rules, MMA has its own rules derived from fighting disciplines obsessed with grappling. MMA fighters will die if they fight under Tae Kwon Do rules. In a no rules fight, anyone can win. A double fingertips thrust to your eyes followed by neck breaking and you're dead, that's realistic fight, not hugging and holding full of love with only tight short pants. So get rid anything about MMA from Tae Kwon Do world, it's disgusting.
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  4. John Hulslander

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    It seems to be elitist stuff.

    I hate the whole our Martial Art is better than your Martial Art because x, y or z.

    First, let's distinguish between a martial art and a self defense class. They are separate things altogether. A martial art is more about the person as a whole than defending oneself, or turning the student into a warrior.

    Second, anyone who says their self defense system is the only way is full of crap. So much is dependent on the person defending themselves. Some are better suited to grapple, some better to strike, etc...

    Sorry for the ramble.
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