Paddle Drills?

Discussion in 'The Instructors Room' started by Jenny 8, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Jenny 8

    Jenny 8 New Member


    What are your favorite drills/activities to do with a large class involving paddles/targets?

  2. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    Some that I use

    Race for the pad

    Put the pad somewhere, two guys get to race for it. Winner gets to hold the pads while the other does whatever technique/s are being practiced

    Cover the pad

    This is Amin to work the pulling hand used in the forms. During punching drill the holder can cover one of the mitts with the other. Puncher should clear the pad with one hands while punching with the other

    Odd angles

    Holder can go into any position while the attacker is punching and kicking, including, lying on the floor, standing on chairs.etc, uses odd body positions and generating power from all sorts of ways
  3. Matt

    Matt Member

    Well there are a variet of paddle drills you can do based on what kicks you want to work. are you trying to gain flexibility using Ax kick, or power or speed on a hook kick. More often then not a paddle drill will come to you while you are trying to come up with one. My favorite involves using a floor ladder and doing ten step in step outs in place, and then performing 20 double kicks on the pad and then repeating

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