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    I am wondering if anyone familiar with the Palgwe patterns could comment on the variations that seem to exist from one organization to another. For example, after learning Palgwe Il Jang, I found on youtube at least two variations. I learned it where all of the middle level blocks are performed as an outside-to-inside block. I've found at least one video of someone performing it as an inside-to-outside middle block.

    Here's a good page to illustrate this. The top video shows the way I have learned it:

    I am wondering if these variations are the result of an "old way" of performing the form versus a "new way." And if so, why the change?
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    I have also encountered this in my Research, but I have never seen any good reason for the variation. My personal Guess is that the variation is as you say a "New" vs "old way" of doing it. When the Palgwe was made Taekwondo was closer to the Karate roots than now and the emphasis on blocking seems to be from the inside to the outside in middle Blocks (again my personal opinion I was not there). When the Taegeuk forms were made a few years later the pioneers seems to have changed their preference to the from the outisde to the inside Block when it comes to middle Block. You can see this in the fact that almost all the middle Blocks are from the outside to the inseide variation and few are from the inside to the outside. Maybe in the period between the inception of the Palgwe and the creation of the Taegeuk they changed the technqiues in the form as their prefference to the blocking Method changed over time? Again I will point out that this is only my personal Guess, I have no evidence to support my view so take it With a mountain of salt:)
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    If someone have this documented in an old book or article etc I would be interested in knowing of what variation we can trace back the longest. The oldest book I have is from 1986 and feature the Palgwe forms. I will check there and come back on the forum, but if anyone has anything older please share:)
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    The oldest book I have is dated 1998 (Tae Kwon Do Complete Taegeuk and Palgwe Forms & Readings Volume 1 by Dr. Daeshik Kim). It shows Palgwe Il Jang performed as I have learned it, with the "outside-inside body block (Momtong Makki)" as the re-occurring middle-level block. I'm guessing that is the newer version of this form.

    I've seen on the book Taekwondo: The Korean Martial Art by Richard Chun contains all eight Palgwe forms. Would anyone who has access to this book be able to tell me if it contains the older method or newer method of performing the forms?
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    A thought as we have mad slight mods to the forms of Kuk Sool Won: that thebpalgwe forms were modified so each "school" or style of tkd wanted their forms recognizable to their students world-wide?
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    Our school was founded in 1972 by Master Kwon Jong Woo as a Jidokwan school of Taekwondo. Whilst we are aware there have been many changes in the world of Taekwondo with the schools merging into WTF. The school decided to retain it's independence and under it's chief instructor Master Richard Cox, who took over when Master Kwon returned to Korea, has retained the original teachings of Master Kwon. We do the blocks in Palgwe Il Jang from inside to out.
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    I have a copy of Taekwondo - The Korean Martial Art by Richard Chun, dated 1976, which is outside to in i.e. momtong an makki.
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    The latest Kukkiwon Dart Taekwondo Poomsae DVD set includes the Palgwe forms on the last disc and its momtong an palmok bakkat makki on that.
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    Thanks for the info. I may have to get my own copy of that sometime.

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