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Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by Erwin, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Erwin

    Erwin Member

    To all the ITF people out there, what are the most difficult patters to do?
  2. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Not that I have learnt it but Juche looks difficult
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  3. Rcoskrey

    Rcoskrey New Member

    They get more challenging as you move up the ranks. I'm on Dan-Gun.
  4. Chris J

    Chris J Active Member

    I'm currently on Juche, thus far the most difficult to control. Rcoskrey, the higher rank patterns will look challenging to an 8th gup, keep it up my friend, as you get better the patterns actually get easier and more enjoyable.
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  5. Mr. Mustache

    Mr. Mustache New Member

    The difficulty is understand that the Chun-Ji through Hwa-Rang are the most important. Most schools have even cut Juche out, not sure why I love that pattern, but the further up you go the further down the line you get from the basics. Their are 24 forms, I don't know them all but I know more than I should, according to my rank, but I think the basics are move to quickly though.
  6. Anthony Hayward

    Anthony Hayward Active Member

    Hi just thought I would mention that Juche is actaully a replacement pattern for Ko-Dang.. Ko-Dang was one of the original 24 patterns written by General Choi... Due to political reasons Ko-Dang was removed from the Chon-Ji pattern system in the 90's and replaced with Juche.....Juche is an awesome pattern to watch if done by someone with great skill... As mentioned above by others it is a very technical pattern
  7. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    juche and moon moo are seen as the most difficult to perform physcally.
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  8. lynM

    lynM Member

    For me, it was any pattern that spun me around more than once. I'd forget where in the pattern I was and it was a never ending pattern at that point. ; ) Especially if it was combined with a similar hand movement. I have some memory problems that would drive my instuctor a bit crazy... especially since my son can watch and learn 25 or move movements in about 45 minutes. Me? I would still be trying to memeorize up to #5.
  9. stoneagedinosaur

    stoneagedinosaur New Member

    I found Joong-Gun really tough to get to grasps with - I don't know why! In true, make your weakness your strength style - I worked at it until it became my best pattern. I find that the further you go up the belts, the less symmetrical the patterns become - THAT seems to be when things get tough.
  10. UK-Student

    UK-Student Active Member

    The hardest pattern I have encountered is Juche.

    Not that I mind a challenge but I think it's a bit of a silly pattern to have in the main syllabus. Our bodies are all different and it's a simple fact that some people, especially those who took up TKD later in life are never going to be able to perform some of the kicking techniques properly. It's great when you see people able to perform these techniques perfectly but several black belts cannot split kick perfectly and land in sitting stance or really raise their leg to high section whilst rotating. In truth, I have seen even 6th degree black belts (not particularly old ones either by the standard of that rank) who cannot perform these movements even though they can perform every "standard" kick to high section without fault. I don't at all want to limit people at all but I think the pattern can leave some people disheartened as it is clearly designed for a young person - one who is able to achieve almost full splits comfortably - and we are often told that TKD is for everyone. We can all try really really hard but we have to practise with the body we have. It's a good pattern for competitors but I can't help but think that the ITF should have figured out a "core" syllabus that is closer to the fighting skills of the pioneers which they could have used for gradings with techniques like these for competitions or additional credit rewards.
  11. Scotty P

    Scotty P Member

    You're not alone, I'm also having some difficulty learning Joong Gun.

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