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    Every single pattern has a set speed for it to be at. The class should stay with the highest belt, because the highest rank should know the speed of a pattern. There are some spots in patterns where the speed changes like in Kwang age, moves 4,5,6,7 the hooking blocks and knife hand guarding blocks are supposed to be faster then the moves before it, vein the slow uppercuts. If it helps, use a metronome for color belt patterns since the color belt patterns are meant to be done with a constant speed.
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    Yeah, there is no exact formal requirement to do it at a certain pace.
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    Say a metronome was set for a certain beat and all the students doing the form had to keep that beat, the taller people would take less time than short people. Look at children walking with adults. How many steps do the kids take in ratio to the adults? More. The same with forms. This is why we have the students follow the person who is in front and to the sides of your vision. They lead and when the direction changes, the people leading the rest change. There is another reason for this, as well. It allows every student, especially the lower colour belts, to think of themselves as a leader.

    In terms of kihaps, we do the every finishing strike. Never on kicks or blocks, only hand strikes.

    I noticed the lack of extensive kihaps in most arts: tang soo do, tkd, Goju Ryu, Shotokan. Almost all do it with just the hiss of air most of the time.Interesting tidbit. Thanks.
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    The kids and adults walking together has nothing to do with patterns speed, children in that case are trying to keep up with the adults who may be take longer strides,. It is a case if distance covered that makes it an issue

    When doing patterns all of the movement are set to the practitioners body.

    There is sort if a set speed but it is more of a feeling i think. Metronome is a good idea. One a seminar with Master Wym Bos many years ago he satiated that you should be saying 'one and two and three and" in your head to get the timing.

    However in saying that

    The timeimg of patterns possible serve no practical purpose other than practicing full power in each movment, which could be seen as a fairly basic consideration. When I do patterns since I am not competing any more I play with the timing. How fast can I go with full power and balance, or how fast can I go till the technique breaks down.

    Then according to application I put sections of movements together

    I my mind pattern trainig. Is very under used in a lot of clubs, because people only get rewarded for doing them one way
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    I just thought of a difference that may not make our method not as applicable to TKD, if I am correct but would still work. When we do forms, take the front and horse stances, our thighs are to be parallel to the floor while TKD (is ITF and WTF different on this) uses more upright, functional stances. Note, in my profile pic, the stance being low (it is to be lower but I had been off 12 years when I took that one) as being a representation. Our head must stay level throughout the form (even, it is said while kicking) for the reason we do our forms: leg strength and endurance. This makes the time to move a direct correlation between height a time a factor in forms.

    You hit the nail on the head why we adjust make adjustments for forms practice. A tall person takes longer to cover distance in a proper stance than a short person does doing the same. There are two options: the adult speeds up and the shorter slows down meeting at a speed in the middle. This works for large groups or for two person practice when, say, a parent and their child practice together.

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