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Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by RocketChild, Nov 6, 2014.

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    I always thought that there was only fighting/sparing tournaments in TKD, however I recently discovered that there's such thing as pattern tournaments.

    Does any know anything about them, and can explain what the rules are?
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    The rules depend on the organisation and the tournament arranger. The rules for WTF competition including Poomsae are available on their website.

    Contestants perform an authorised pattern and are scored out of 10, judged on accuracy (4.0 points maximum), and presentation (6.0) which is split into Speed and Power (2.0), Strength/Speed/Rhythm(2.0), and Expression of Energy(2.0).

    The contestant starts with 10 points, and 0.1 is deducted for each technical inaccuracy. For each bigger technical mistake, like an incorrect stance, 0.3 is deducted.

    The presentation aspect serves as a kind of 'overall impression' i.e. it us scored at the end and points are not deducted for each individual mistake. For example if the contestant was tense throughout, and that affected power and speed, then deductions would be made.

    Because there is some level of subjectivity, multiple judges are used, with the highest and lowest scores discarded, and an aggregate of the remaining scores used.

    It is quite complex and requires experience, and for that reason many local tournaments still play 2 contestants together and use flags to indicate the winner.
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    Tournaments that aren't affiliated with the WTF such as the AAU Nationals in the USA, use what id called side by side patterns. The two players from the same division broken up by belt and age go head to head. Both do their pattern at the same time and the judges vote either red or blue. This is based on technique, grace, beauty, and rhythm. The winner then moves on and so forth and s forth so winners fight winners. There are many variants of this such as Brazilian repechage or true second place, which takes everyone who lost to the person who takes first and puts them into another bracket to find out who is the best loser of the losers.
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    The loser of losers, wow that really doesn't sound as good as silver medal hahhaha

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