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  1. Hi

    I have my 1st Kup grading this coming Monday and my fellow grader asked why she has to pay 25 pound every time she grades. She is only 13 however she appears to think that all the owner thinks about is money which personally I disagree with. My sisters little boy does Shotokan Karate and she has to pay for his Grading. Are we being ripped off or not.

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    You are paying for:

    1) The time and attention of a qualified examiner(s)
    2) As (if I remember correctly) your club belongs to British Taekwondo, you should also be receiving an European Taekwondo Union and/or British Taekwondo Keup Certificate each time you grade. These must be submitted at the time of your first dan grading and may not be backdated or sequential. These certs have to be ordered and are relatively costly per unit. Sometimes instructors do not issue them (even though they should within a short time) because students have a habit of losing them and having to buy them again.
    3) Wood for breaking, which is mega expensive these days in the UK, and other administration around the test, eg letters, time spent processing application forms, belts.
    4) Profit for the club to which you belong, to be used as they see fit. Some clubs plow it into equipment, some take it as salary, some use it to pay bills. If it is a permanent dojang rather than a rented hall, then the latter is likely.

    25 quid is about the going rate. In some cases any profit is used to accommodate the needs of any guest examiners.

    You are not being ripped off. Conveniently, 25 quid is also about the amount of money that motivates people not to want to pay it for their child to fail. An extra incentive for parental encouragement to practice at home.
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  3. Exactly what I thought! I tried to explain this to her but to no avail. Nothing in life, I said comes free and easy.
    If it did then everyone would be doing it.

    I said, how many people in life can say they have achieved 1st degree black belt in a martial art. 25 quid in my view is a very small price to pay considering the amount of blood sweat and tears I have endured on and off the mat. I advised her to take step back and realise that the owner is not ripping her off. He has 250 students so one less is no bother to him.
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    Well, teenagers have no understanding of the value of money outside the purchase of digital media, clothes and accessories with their parent's money. She probably hasn't had a job yet...she probably thinking 25 quid would buy a whole lot of stuff in Claire's Accessories.

    Wait until she sees the dan grading prices ;).
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    I assume this is the case in the UK as well, but in the US you have to pay to:
    -take college entrance exams
    -apply to colleges
    -take almost any professional exam including the bar for lawyers to be licensed, the boards for a doctor to be licensed, the CPA/CMA/CIA for different accountants to be licensed, the list goes on and on and on.
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    25 pounds sounds about right.

    I get tired of people who think that everything should be free or it is somehow tainted
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  7. Thank guys.
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    pretty common practice

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