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  1. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    Hi All,

    Looking for some advice here
    I might be sitting my first Dan grading in about 10 weeks, it has come out of the blue and I feel utterly unprepared. Would be great if I can have some advice on how to prepare for it. Suggestions on training plans that I could adopt would also be very helpful.

    As I say, I feel unprepared and not sure I can deliver my 100% in just 10 weeks.

  2. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    It depends on what happens during your exam.
    That being said, find a mentor who is already a first dan or better.
    Have them review where you are and on systematic basis address any deficiencies.

    You should practice what you can every day on your own. Well at least 6 days a week.
  3. Chris J

    Chris J Active Member

    You knew your next grading was 1st degree. As soon as you completed your last grading you should have been preparing for the next one. Once you get to senior Kup ranks (2nd & 1st), the idea that you should never ask when your next grading is due is rubbish imo. Theses gradings have a minimum time to prepare and depending on the type of student you are you will know or the instructor will advise you, otherwise, you ask. If the instructor isn't sure, then they haven't prepared well enough. The instructor has a responsibility to know up to 2 years in advance, who should reach what level. I have a 3rd kup student I've told her she should be preparing herself to grade midway through 2015 for 1st degree. There is no harm done imo, to tell a student this. Especially when they are getting close to their first major goal......train hard, preparation eliminates the prospect of chance.
  4. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    Thanks for your replies Sirs. I am discussing the grading with my instructors who are helping me refine various aspects of training.

    I might have phrased the question incorrectly so apologies. I also see my question was too broad/vague.
    I am not saying I have not been training or that I have not been prep'd/made aware well in advance. I also fully realise preparation for this particular grading starts with 10th kup. However, I am sure some would agree with me the prospect of moving from Kup to Dan can be very intimidating. This will be one of the biggest achievements of my life and I want to do it justice by ensuring I am ready and also not be an embarrassment to my instructors who have worked extremely hard to get me here.
    That being said I have one very specific question, appreciate if I can get some replies

    Breaking - I will be required to do a hand and a foot technique on a suspended 1inch wooden board. For my 1st Kup for hand technique, I did an outer knife edge break and for foot, I did a reverse turning break. I intend to do an inner knife edge break (palm facing downwards) hand technique for the test. For foot, I was thinking either a jump reverse or a 360. Any suggestions? Beauty of reverse turning is it can be very fast.


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