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Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Matt, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Matt

    Matt Member

    Hi all,

    I was just curious as to where everyone is in their Taekwondo training. This could be by rank? mentally? physically? I'm really open to any answers haha.

    For me the answer to this question would be at peace. Today is my one year anniversary of becoming a fourth degree black belt signifying I have at the least 4 more years till I may be allowed to test again.
  2. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    This year is my 8th year becoming a first degree black belt (I have several second degree black belt students). I didn't advance my belt anymore as I assume my formal training already culminates and I don't want to pursue career in TKD as anything other than an instructor (e.g. referee). I only keep my knowledge and skill to align with latest updates (gosh, it keeps changing every year!) while expanding to areas I overlooked previously, but my main function as an instructor is to enable my students to gain expertise in Tae Kwon Do, hopefully surpassing me in any areas they would like to develop.
  3. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    Trained for many years in many systems. I am an instructor in 3 styles.

    My taekwondo is more different than it has ever been through gain different perspective give to me through cross training.

    No longer pursue the sport a lot I can see some value in it for some people. Cahabged the way I apply the movements in the patterns. Continuing to evolve
  4. tubby

    tubby New Member

    Ive been in am interesting space since an unexpected cancer diagnosis 5 months ago. I was training well in the dojang and gym. Then the tiredness from treatment drained my and i slowed down and focussed on stretching and form, then discovered i was doing ok with HIIT. Whichever way i trained 45 minutes was my limit so might as well go hard. Now after surgery and heavier treatment i am slowly just loosening up again whilst being very aware of my physical recovery.
    Poomsae at the moment look more like gentle tai chi. Its a change from training hard even at 42 years but it is a learning period and i think ill come out more aware of how to work with my body. I am aiming to be ready for 2nd dan grading in june, not souch to attain the grade as to be in condition to complete the physical requirements of the grading.
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  5. Brian Milligan

    Brian Milligan New Member

    Hi Tubby I to am recovering from cancer , mine being mouth cancer , plus recovering from 2 seizures in fEbruary this year , was very weakend by both problems but now getting back my strength and energy, enough for me to attend my first taekwondo training session and i am impresed with the dicipline and grace of ITF . hope this improve enough for you to resume your training.
  6. Matt

    Matt Member

    Just out of curiosity how do you justify testing your own students to a higher rank than you are? and why stop? Achieving new ranks in Taekwondo is one of the many goals of most martial artist. Your rank obviously doesn't define how good you are, or how knowledgeable you are but it has a certain level of respect and title with it. At my school we have always said you may not grade anyone for promotion who is less than two years your junior in rank. So me being 4th dan, I may test anyone up till 2nd dan but not to third dan.
  7. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Better than yesterday, not as good as tomorrow. Focused on right now.

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  8. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    I don't. My belt only allows me to test up to red belt, higher than that, my club owner will test them (he's a 7th degree black belt).
    Because I don't care about that bold phrase. I prefer respect from the heart, not from my title, which I believe I've earned from my students. I quitted from my former club exactly because of this. The club owner demands respect but his act nowhere deserves it.

    Technically, the difference between black belts degree are only patterns. Higher than master level (6th degree), it's even something more abstract. With increasing price for higher degree, it doesn't make sense for me to waste my money on something like that. As you said, rank doesn't define knowledge nor skill, I still have to fix a lot of things on my higher degree black belt students. For example, even though they're good by themselves, they can't transfer what they have to the lower belts yet. That's where I enter, to teach them how to teach. They're rather specialized black belts anyway, so they gain their rank from being successful in competitions rather than complete understanding of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

    As I state before, I don't want to pursue TKD career other than instructor. If only I want to be referee, then yes I will need to get higher degree as 2th degree is the minimum requirement. Nevertheless, referee career path is not something bright. If you're bad in your first competition, you will be put in the backup pool. Meaning your money for training, seminar, certification, etc. is simply wasted. If you're good, you will always likely to lose your weekends. The pay isn't that good, while the working time could last 15 hours a day. All in all, you lose.
    Acceptable rules, more or less compatible with WTF one (WTF said 4th dan may test up to 1st dan if I'm not mistaken).
  9. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    The WTF has nothing to do with testing. Kukkiwon sets those rules. If you are not yet a 4th dan, you should not be testing people by KKW rules. Even then, new requirements are slowly coming in that will require you to take an examiner's course in order to be able to examine people, even at Keup level.

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  10. Raymond

    Raymond Active Member

    I unfortunately have not been keeping up diligently with TKD but I have started studying Jungki Kwan Hapkido and am enjoying it very much.
  11. Matt

    Matt Member

    Now I may be playing devils advocate here, but I understand that within your school your students respect you at your current rank. But as you travel to other schools (if you do) they might not respect you in the same sense. There is a different level of respect that comes with the title of a rank.
  12. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    I do aware of that and I don't care, I've trained myself to be ignorant in that case. I take the simple principle: "if you respect me, I will respect you back. If you don't, so won't I." I've traveled to a lot of schools, less than 5 looks at my rank (early 3rd-4th dan). The rest (mostly 5th - 7th dan) only separates between black belt and below it, and that's only for organizational/managerial purpose, not respect. What's the use of high rank if you have neither students nor achievements? What's the gain of a forced respect (due to rank) instead of the one coming from the heart? When you're down, the difference between the two will emerge, and I've experienced that.
  13. Rugratzz

    Rugratzz Active Member

    My middle son has become an assistant instructor, again he treats all with respect as others do to him. He is humble, and treats his position as an honour, he is only 14 and a 3rd cup. He will and has taught a class full of high grades (including our main instructor 6th Dan) who all listen and sometimes take criticisms from him, if they are not doing something he thinks is not correct. He is still learning, and never at any time has anyone, made fun of him or been disrespectful, (apart from the odd time where he gets his words mixed and it comes out totally wrong, we have all done that). At the end of the class sometimes someone will talk to him alone and offer him advice and help if he was struggling with a certain part, but always with the goal of making him a better instructor. Maybe I am a little biased, but I think he will make a great instructor, and black belt,

    Personally I am not as fit as I should be (getting better) physically my joints have suffered from the years of training and that limits my flexibility, but I dont give up and just do my best. Mentally I am comfortable in the martial art, I strive to get better, sometimes it can be a very slow process, and painful. Like Finlay I have taught in other Martial arts, and have started to do it in TKD, I enjoy it, I have had no problems with respect, Like my son I treat everyone with the same respect, and they give it back.

    Next year I am able to take my 1st dan, in my mind I would love to take it, but in honesty, I am not sure if I would be able to physically do it, I think I will just mark it as work in progress, and see what happens.

  14. tubby

    tubby New Member

    thanks Brian, part of the difficulty of cancer is everyone has different type. stage, fitness, age, so hearing other's tales is hard to compare and can lead you down dark thoughts. But pone thing that never changes is the joy of reading of the victories.

    I'm getting stronger all the time and am back kicking the bag gently, but full range for turning and side kicks. Loosening the hips gently after so much bed and movement rest feels great. I'm just finishing first treatment of the kitchen sink chemo (young, can handle it, lets nuke this crap) with a 2 day take home pump coming out today and feeling I am planning to head back to classes next week, but will see how it goes. They all say exercise is a very important part of the outlook, and TKD and utility bike riding (shops, school etc rather than road and trail) are a big part of that.

    My instructor and I have also decided I should aim for the open poomsae division rather than by rank, so there's some extra things to focus on learning up to chongkwon.

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