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Discussion in 'Taekwondo Patterns' started by UK-Student, Nov 30, 2012.

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    I have learned Ko-Dang (the original Ko-Dang), as I have trained at schools where it is part of the syllabus and am training at one now, in fact. However, I've trained in the style using the "other" pattern with 45 movements (I don't even want to say the name of it) and know that pattern far better.

    When I was shown Ko-Dang, I learned that the two movements (prior to the knife hand guarding blocks in each direction that end the pattern) are an outward vertical kick (also known as outside crescent kick to some) and a side knife hand strike. I just picked up a book by Hee Il Cho, a nice second hand copy and the final two movements are a sweeping kick, then a downward knife hand strike.

    I looked on Youtube and I can't find any videos where the practitioners practise it in the way Hee Il Cho shows, only in the way I was taught.

    What gives? Did the pattern change (I know there was some small changes to some of the others since Choi's first book)?
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    As far as I know Ko-Dang has always been done with the outer crescent kick into the knifehand strike. I have never seen it done with the sweep kick. As Ko-dang is not practised anymore in the General Choi system, I don't believe there have been any changes to it. Personally I prefer the Juche pattern. It is a much more technical pattern that is worthy of 2nd to 3rd degree.
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    The last two kicks in KoDang are Hooking kicks (Golcha Chagi) not Crescent kicks and they are not knife hand strikes, they are outward high section cross cuts which chamber on the outside as opposed to knife hand strikes that chamber on the inside.
    The kicks can look simillar to crescent kicks or downward kicks but the foot position is turned over so they hook in a similar way to the hand in Golcha Magki.
    I dont know why Master Cho's books are different. I double checked in Gen Choi's 1972 condensed encyclopedia and the original 1965 book which both say the same thing as I have said.
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    Martin..Yes you are probably right.. The last organisation I was with changed movements here and there to suit themselves. As this pattern is not in the condensed encyclopeida I didn't cross reference this and just went on their word. Thanks
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    I concur the above :)

    GM Hee Il Cho, changed a few things to disiminate himself from other groups and the origional structure.
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    The last 4 moves are as follows, A outside crescent kick followed by a knife hand strike palm down that is supposed to go through and slash the eyes, then is repeated on the other side. I have never heard of it done with a downward life hand strike
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    This is a scan of the second page of KoDang from the 1972 edition of Gen Choi's book. Note moves 34-37

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