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Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by ssiidd, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    This year has been quite up-and-down for me due to various injuries, I haven't been able to practice at all let alone grade. Now thinking of getting back into training but it feels difficult both physically and mentally.

    Have you guys been in similar situations? What was the best way for you to get back into the routine?

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  2. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Getting back in after 8 months off was a lot harder than I expected. You need to make it routine, and not make any excuses. Concentrate on general conditioning and flexibility exercises as well as Taekwondo. Your brain remembers things your body can no longer do, so test things out gingerly before you go full pelt.
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  3. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    IMO the best way to get back into the routine is to commit.
    Maybe it's me being an American, or a money person, but if you pay for say two months or so in advance, then you are more likely to make sure said money doesn't go to waste.
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  4. canadiankyosa

    canadiankyosa Active Member

    Take things slow and easy to build up conditioning, etc. The hard part is the psychological. That will change, too, over time., I had 11 years off and went back to training after an angina attack and stent placement due to a 50% blockage, 80% clot. I am better than 11 years ago due to no smoking and better breathing. I may have a vein blockage, but I am still much better. I still have to find the mental motivation most days, but that is very slowly returning.
  5. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    Woah I pay 6 months in advanced so Im really committed :eek:
  6. bowlie

    bowlie Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Just make sure its routine, and dont over tax youurself
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  7. UK-Student

    UK-Student Active Member

    The first lesson is the hardest. After the first lesson just go on the basis of routine, do not allow yourself to decide whether to go or not. Take it easy in the fitness work to begin with (sneak a few breaks here and there) and ease yourself back in.

    If I did not learn how to do that years ago, I would probably not be practising TKD now. If you rely on "wanting" to go to TKD you will give up as everyone has peaks and troughs of motivation. It has to be a sense of wanting the benefits you get from TKD and continuing as long as you want those benefits but never deciding whether or not to attend the class on the day of the class itself.

    Another mechanism is to have a good sense of humour. Keep your relations with everyone in the class cheerful and lighthearted (unless inappropriate to the drill). If you convey this, others will reflect it back. It is easier to cope in an environment which is about being able to laugh at yourself for not quite being able to do something yet rather than an atmosphere where successes and failures are taken deadly seriously.
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  8. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    Thanks for the advise. I have started poomsae in my spare time and some basic drills just to have a refresher before I start classes ... planing on doing a day a week initially.
  9. Bochica

    Bochica Member

    I took a 10 year break, the first 4 years were due work and a new baby, pretty much took over life really.
    Then I broke both ankles, and that was 6yrs gone before I knew it.

    My motivation to train a martial art again was it was me & son time mainly, something we could do together. Something we could do to get fitter together too.

    But there is also all the new friends, and nothing else that's happening in the world really matters at that point, no interruptions from phones, Email, work, all the stresses just melt away....

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