Returning to training after 18 years...

Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by wesifer, May 11, 2015.

  1. wesifer

    wesifer New Member

    My wife wants to train now after her preteen sister has started. I've missed it very much and am going back with her.

    I feel horrible though. I was never the most fit student and at 32 I have really go down hill lol.

    I know I can get back to it. Back to being flexible and competitive. I know after a few weeks I will feel much better about it. One concern I have is being one of the higher ranked non instructors in class. I know I will be made welcome but I can just imagine how silly I will look.

    It's going to be a blast training with my white belt wife though!
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  2. truejim

    truejim Member

    I'm age 54 and have a belly. When I do taekwondo, I feel like I'm the taekwondo version of Sammo Hung. But everybody in class keeps telling me how good my technique is! Like you, I still feel silly. you you, I know that's really more in my head than it is in everybody else's head. :)

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  3. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Stop training for two weeks is enough to make your muscle stiff. However, if you've ever reached a point of flexibility in the past, the chance is that it would be easier to restore than if you've never reached any. Just do it slowly and you might be able to get back in shape within a couple of months. Been there, done that. Sucks at the start (especially when you're sure you can do certain difficult technique but your body refuses to do it), I know.
  4. wesifer

    wesifer New Member

    Yeah I am not looking forward to holding back because of my body when my brain knows what I trying to do. I never could do the splits but I would settle for side kicks above waist level lol. I know it will come back. We are eating healthy now. Just gotta sweat it off and stretch.
  5. rugratzz01

    rugratzz01 New Member

    Try 52 I started tkd coming from other martial art after a 10 year break . The mind is willing but the body oh that's another story. Don't worry about the hight of your kick just make sure you do it right. Flexibility comes back on my car very slowly you are not that old so it probably won't take very long.

  6. wesifer

    wesifer New Member

    I'm going back for fun and health. I wouldn't be suprised if it's 5 or more years before I'm ready to test for 3rd!
  7. daviddz

    daviddz New Member

    I'm 46 looking at going back after about 18 years my self. I got 1st Dan in 1995, and two years later life happened and I stopped practicing. Now I am just looking at going back to help me get more exercise. Who knows, maybe I will eventually get my 2nd Dan, but that would just be a bonus.
  8. John F

    John F Member

    To the original poster of this thread. Since it has been 18 years, please consider my advice. Modern TKD has changed a lot since you did it. You might want to consider starting at white and asking the owner if you can do quick advancement and fixing everything from the ground up. It won't look good if you are put senior to anyone else and you don't know what the art is now. In the last decade there have been many changes. Official WTF style TKD and the Guidelines put out by the Kukkiwon are vastly different now. Stances are shorter. All the moves are streamlined now to be more fight orientated. It's a big act of humility but it might help you out more. I meet many people who tell me they were a black belt when they were a kid. I say great, show me what you know. And they don't remember anything. And even if they did, they don't know any of the new changes.
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  9. Evildwarf

    Evildwarf Member

    I started white belt at 48 with no previous experience.
    As such I have no meaningful advice to give except this one nugget, enjoy yourself. Don't get hung up on your past experience. You are who you are whatever age and fitness level you are so just enjoy yourself. How cool is it that you and your wife can share training together.
  10. Andrew singh

    Andrew singh New Member

    Train hard put effort into it and keep trying
  11. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    any good instructor will start him off at white belt anyway, just without the gradings....
  12. Andrew singh

    Andrew singh New Member

    I agree totally
  13. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    training is about facing a challenge and self mastery, not always about fighting. i wish you well on our journey

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