Self Defence in the real world :)

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Gazzer, Jul 31, 2013.

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    lol nice. not a systema fan, but that was a cool self defense clip.
  3. Gnarlie

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    I call staged.
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    Since I think systema is a fluke, I might have to agree with you haha.
  5. Foggy

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    Possibly. But the force she recoils back off that kick makes me think it may not be.

    However, I like the failing in humanity that not one person stopped to see of he was ok. I don't mean the ones there, they saw what happened. But the ones who came past after and just saw an injured bloke.

    Well done Russia lol.
  6. UK-Student

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    There's no way this video is real.

    Firstly, the thief squares up to the woman after taking the phone. What sensible thief would do this rather than escape with the phone in case of a passing police officer? The first thing pro pickpockets do is pass the goods off to someone else to avoid arrest. It is not impossible that a stupid thief or bully would take the phone, then intimidate the woman in a busy subway full of people in broad daylight, and I am sure that has happened in real life but it seems much more staged and much less like real life.

    Secondly, the attacker clearly knows what attacks he will be recieving. We know this because when he approaches the woman he gradually widens his stance until it is really very wide indeed. He does this subtly but it's clear from reviewing that he knows he is going to be kicked in the groin and doesn't want his legs in the way. When the kick lands, he does a little hop in the air which doesn't make sense. People who wear padding on their groin to get kicked their either as part of stage combat or as part of a simulated attack training scenario (FAST holla) tend to do this to relieve pressure on the kick but it's an affectation and not representative of how people really react in those situations. No ninja out there is strong enough to kick you so hard, you fly in the air. If you are concentrating on threatening someone, your instinct is going to be to strongly hold your stance in preparation of perhaps pushing or grappling with her, not to hop backwards at the first sign of danger. This is someone who has on purpose started a confrontation he didn't need to get into, not someone showing any kind of timidity. Remember, this is not sparring.

    One groin kick makes him hop back and then falls slowly and controlledly to his knees. It is possible to kick someone so hard in the groin that they buckle but it would not look like this. People who get kicked there in sparring or football matches try to stay standing and don't just accept that they are going down without fighting the pain to stand. This is doubly true in fighting.

    Then when he falls to his knees (slowly so not as to hurt himself), his first response is not to cover his groin, where he has been hit but to cover his face. WHY? He's only been hit in the groin at this point (being swiped with a handbag doesn't count - he had no pain reaction in his face when that flapped onto him when standing) and has no reason to protect his face. He would protect himself better to reach out to the girl, not just cover himself to recieve blows. Again, this is not sparring.

    The girl pitter-patters him to the face. Who knows what this is? Eye pokes should be impossible as his covering his face and the strikes certainly aren't hard strikes. Still, he does nothing for several seconds until she back kicks him in the face (a straight knee would have been the obvious choice but give her an extra point for the spin "finisher").

    He falls to the floor and like a boss in a video game, drops the treasure on the floor to be picked up.

    It's a fun project but as a presentation of something that really happened, it's up there with Jhoon Rhee's "Nobody Bothers Me".

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