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    Wing Chun considers how to save energy and keep the mind calm so that you will not panic when danger arises. Many people are good at fighting in practice, but when danger actually appears they panic, which can make them lose energy. However, in Wing Chun training, particularly in Sticking Hands, you are practicing self-defense all the time. If you find that you can defend yourself when your Sticking Hands opponent tries to attack, you will feel that you have good skill and sensitivity. Sticking Hands familiarizes you with the fighting situation and builds up your sensitivity, allowing you to relax. This relaxation is an important key to Wing Chun. Without relaxation, a person loses their sensitivity and it is easier to attack them. Practicing Siu Lim Tao will develop not only your stance but also help you to relax and let your energy develop. Sticking Hands will help you to put this into practice.
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    Somebody ban this spammer pls.

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    Well I was enjoying the comic relief of his posts.

    Telling a smaller women to control a larger man by the head, while stunning him. This is of course after he has grabbed her.

    This one is just as ridiculous.
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