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    Lap Geng vs Strangle
    1. The attacker grabs hold of your throat with both hands and attempts to strangle you.
    2. You do not panic or try to pull his hands away as he is too strong. Instead, you attack his weak point, his neck, pulling his head slightly sideways with a sharp jerking motion with your right hand. Now your left hand comes up in preparation for the attack. As he is concentrating on his hands, his neck is quite vulnerable and pulling it causes him to lose his balance. No matter how big or strong the person, it is easy to pull them down from the neck, causing them to lose their center of gravity.
    3. You pull your attacker forwards with your right hand while making initial contact with your left hand on your attacker’s jaw line.
    4. Next, you use a palm strike to hit his face. The pulling magnifies the effect of the palm strike, making the attacker release his grip and stumble backwards.
    5. You then aim a low kick at his knee which is now very vulnerable. You hands have dropped into Wu Sau to protect her centreline.
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    here is the source: GOWINGCHUN COM

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