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    Yan Jeung vs Grab from Behind
    1. The attacker moves up behind you, grabbing your shoulder and wrist. You turn slightly before realizing what is happening.
    2. You then step forwards and apply a forward Yan Jeung.
    3. The forward step combined with the jerking energy of the Yan Jeung pulls your attacker off balance so he stumbles forward. You then use your free hand to control his neck.
    4. You sharply pull your attacker forward, making him fall to the ground.
    5. Source: GOWINGCHUN COM
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    Why are you posting Wing Chun in a Taekwondo forum, and what point are you trying to make? Or are you just spamming us with ads for your own website?

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    Read it, re read it.

    All in all

    Bad technique
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