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Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Itzel Gonzalez, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Itzel Gonzalez

    Itzel Gonzalez New Member

    Hey guys, My name is Itzel as a senior in high school I have decided to become a sparring coach/Instructor. I have signed up in this forums so I can ask any question I might have or just to talk about my Project. It would be very appreciated if I can get my question answer thought out the senior project. For this first post I would like to get to know some of you guys and anything you would like to say. :)
  3. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    Hi there

    Welcome to the froums.

    I find the wording of your post a little odd, not sure why maybe it is the 'deciding to be a coach' usually it is something you become after years of competing.

    How much competition experience do you currently have?
  4. Itzel Gonzalez

    Itzel Gonzalez New Member

    Right I get that, but its something I want to do in the future. So I know there is a lot to learn which is why I have a mentor. I have around four years of competition experience.
  5. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    Ah great,

    Well if you are willing to do the work get some high level experience in competition, experiment with different training methods and look into strength and conditioning training
  6. Itzel Gonzalez

    Itzel Gonzalez New Member

    Do you have any training methods? Such as conditioning or foot work, that I can keep in mind.
  7. Matt

    Matt Member

    how long have you yourself been training? and how much competition fighting have you done?
  8. Itzel Gonzalez

    Itzel Gonzalez New Member

    Six years doing the sport and around four years of competition fighting.
  9. Matt

    Matt Member

    hmmm honestly I'd say you could use a bit more experience. Im a high school senior too, but I've been doing Taekwondo for 12 years and I've been competing for all of them. I started to run/ coach our competition team my junior year, but by then I was 16 and had been training for like 10 years or so.
  10. Blue_Knight

    Blue_Knight Active Member

    Hi Itzel,

    I just saw your post here, and was wondering if you are still on the forum, and how your Senior Project was coming.

    GMC D.J. Eisenhart
  11. Itzel Gonzalez

    Itzel Gonzalez New Member

    Hello Mr.Eisenhart,
    Yeah, thank you for asking my senior project went well.I actually just presented last week. Really happy that I past!! :) Also would like to thank the people on here that helped me.
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  12. John F

    John F Member

    Hello Itzel,

    If you are going to be a serious coach you need to keep abreast of the rules. I'm not sure what style you do. But WTF, USTF and the Kukkiwon updates their rules regularly. It's embarrassing to go to a tournament where the coaches and refs don't know the rules. You show up to a sanctioned tournament and if you have that big foamy macho gear from the 90's they are going to tell you get buy new gear on the spot. You can't teach what you don't know.

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