Sparring in my first tournament tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Taekwondo Sparring' started by Intercept, May 10, 2013.

  1. Intercept

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    It's funny, my dog does part of my workout with me. haha She runs up this huge hill with me. We start at the bottom and run as fast as we can up the hill to the top. Talk about burning legs and expending every ounce of energy to get to the top! She's right by my side the whole way up never missing a beat! hahah Then she does my jog with me as well.
  2. bowlie

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    Never knew that, although alot of pre-workout supplements are basically just caffeinated sugar sold at a 500% markup. Creatine is great, but completely optional. If you read my other thread about conditioning you will remember I mentioned the alactic system. Creatine is like a transported for the PTc that your body uses for energy, and is produced naturally in the body. Extra creatine allows you to have more of this in your muscle cells and is great for extra energy. Its by no means necessary and some people think its dangerous (It has been linked to liver / kidney problems, but from what I have read it will only exaggerate other problems and only if abused, not used properly. The liver and kidney problems in bodybuilders are caused by high protein diets and not enough water, creatine means you need more water, but if you drink extra its fine). Anyway, just something to think about if you ever feel the need.
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    I also seem to recall reading that a great recovery drink is chocolate milk. From what I understand the ideal carb/protein ration should be 4:1 and some (not all) chocolate milks are right about there.

    When you consider how costly they can be, not a bad way to go.
  4. bowlie

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    Lots of protein in milk. The carbs help an insulin spike or something so you can absorb more protein. A guy at BJJ practice used to train, and then eat a tin of pinapples and a tin of tuna for his carbs and protein. Weird.
  5. Brian Milligan

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    Hi I am new on here and completely new to Taekwondo it was most interesting reading this thread ,your experience how it has affected you,and your responce. great to see the other comments and encouragement given. Well done

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