Spin Kick - The Full Movie

Discussion in 'The Video Room' started by Kevin, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    There aren't many movies that are based solely on Taekwondo. Spin Kick is one of them. Released in 2004 in Korea, the film is about a coach who has to train the worst students of the school as all the best fighters left with the old coach.

    The full film can be seen on YouTube (with English subtitles). Worth a watch :)

  3. Isabella

    Isabella New Member

    This is one of my favorites. Really good movie!!!! :)
  4. Aman_K

    Aman_K New Member

    I like to watch martial arts based movies. What is the name of the movie?? I want to download the movie in HD print. :D

    RTKDCMB Active Member

    There is also a movie call When Taekwondo strikes starring Joon Rhee.
  6. Friction

    Friction New Member

    The video has been removed from YouTube.

    Do you know if it was released commercially in Australia?

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