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  1. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    Do you see your self as a sports person or a martial artist

    Occasionally martial artists see sport as a blight on the art. However, we can ignore that a good deal of tkd these days is sports based.

    Alot of instructors that I know talk about martial arts but teach sport.

    Where do you see yourself?
  2. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Both, but my emphasize is on martial art. Sport is just a way to express it in a recognizably safe way.
  3. Evildwarf

    Evildwarf Member

    I am a martial artist (although I'm not sure that my ability level would be considered "artistic" in execution) who also enjoys the "sport" aspect of TKD. The sport provides me with competition, fitness, a social outlet....the art gives me mindfulness, release from the daily pressures of a busy life, a potentially useful life skill-set, a continuum of knowledge and constant learning opportunities.
    So my vote would be I am both.
    The sport and art aspects of TKD can blur together though, perhaps to the detriment of the art. When I am training for a competition I have a different focus and can begin to lose sight of the martial art.
    So perhaps one must be mindfull that the sport must always derive from the art and not the other way round.
  4. Matt

    Matt Member

    I consider myself a martial artist. I see the sport aspect as just that. An aspect of the over arching martial art. Taekwondo as a whole embodies everything about it. This includes the tenets, the student oath, patterns, sparring, self defense, board breaking, mental strength, physical strength and whatever else you can think of. Sparring or sport Taekwondo takes a few of those pieces and puts more emphasize on them.
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  5. Brian Milligan

    Brian Milligan New Member

    I am new to Taekwondo and am imensly impressed in it as a Martial art and a Sport. I think the both have been recognised as linked since the start of the olympic games ,or any games where Military activities were tested out. and that being a sporting spectacle. So I see no blurring in either claim. Enjoy learn and may there never be the occasion you have to use it in anger.
  6. Brian Milligan

    Brian Milligan New Member

  7. maryf

    maryf New Member

    It is a war art actually but all of the martial arts techniques can not be used in clubs. So we see a modified version of original martial arts in schools where they emphasize more on exercise and body shape than fighting. That's why students know how to move and kick but most of them are not capable of using it in real combat because they do not know what to use when and how to make a customize combination of kicks and punches according to the situation.
  8. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Active Member

    Martial artist for sure. I don't care about the sport.

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