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  1. cyndriana

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    I'm a 17 year old girl and I would like to start taekwondo so I have some questions.

    I wear eyeglasses everyday because without them I see all blurry. If I start taekwondo I don't want to do competitions the first year so is it okay if I wear my eyeglasses during training sessions or should I wear contact lenses?

    Also I'm a girl so I'm wondering if it's a sport for girls. Furthermore I'm 17 so I feel kind of old starting a new sport..

    But I did gymnastics during 9 years (and I stopped three years ago lmao) so I'm wondering if it can be helpful for certain points.

    Thank you.
  3. canadiankyosa

    canadiankyosa Active Member

    I recommend safety glasses over contact lenses or you can add a face shield to head gear.

    As to age, 17 is not too old for sports. In reality, the methods, if you have a teacher who actually knows coaching principles (most have few clues), you are taught are for your age range. Most clubs teach all ages above 6 or 7 the same (ie as adults). Your age range is considered optimal for competition.

    In regards to former gymnastics training, it does help a tonne. Balance is a strong jindicator. Gymnasts and ballet dancers are great in static active (slow movements) flexibility which helps develop dynamic flexiblity (faster swinging style movements) that is required in martial arts. In reality, dancing is strongly suggested to be a part of a fighter's training (debate the merits with Kelly McCann and friends). So, gymnastics will definitely be a pro rather than a con.
  4. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Both are fine, depending what training you're on (i.e. not for sparring).
    There are just as many female Tae Kwon Do-in as male.
    I used to have a 60+ new student. Age is no excuse.
    Sure, that will help with flexibility, strength and hopefully stamina endurance.
  5. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Member

    If you have a natural ability in TKD, then it will be very benefical to have a background in gymnastics. But being a gymnast is no guarantee to have a natural ability in TKD.
  6. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    If you are interested, try it.
    Your background in gymnastics will help, but only so much.
    I need glasses. Very much so. I wear them for all class activities except fighting. It's not worth it to me. (My glasses are pretty expensive)

    That being said there are products I have used with glasses to varying degrees of success. There raquetball goggles that are designed to fit over glasses that work.

    Issue with them is sweat can make it worse than not wearing glasses.

    Good luck
  7. cyndriana

    cyndriana New Member

    Thank you for all your responses, I will start taekwondo next year. I was really worried that I couldn't do taekwondo because of my glasses but now that I know that I can I'm relieved.
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  8. CoolTKD

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    Tkd is an absolutely amazing sport! boy or girl this will give you the chance to learn some valuable skills, build life long friendships and get fit! Your gymnastics experience can only benefit you imo as you'll have foundation strength and flexibility.
  9. daviddz

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    When I first started TKD many years ago I wore glasses all the time, and took them off when sparing. My eyesight got to the point I could not see well enough to spar with out them I talked to my optometrist and started wearing soft contacts. They worked great for TKD.

    Now I got out of TKD for a long time, and started back early this year. I still need glasses to see well enough to spar. I find that the days I wear my glasses I forget, end up doing some flavor of spinning kick, and have to walk across the dojang to pick up my glasses from the

    So, for me at least, I wear soft contacts almost all of the time when doing TKD

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  10. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    I just go without my glasses. For sparring, it's dangerous to wear them anyway and for everything else, I use the traditional approach and move closer.

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