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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Jawad, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Jawad

    Jawad New Member

    Hi all,

    What do you think about the stretching equipments ?

    Like this one :


  2. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    not a fan.
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  3. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Had one, not impressed. Stretching comes through strength amd relaxation, not force. They are only good for holding one position, but in order to improve flexibility for that stretch, you need to do lots of different stretches and strength exercises. Would not recommend.
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  4. ssiidd

    ssiidd Active Member

    How flexible are you?

    The biggest risk using this particular aid is it gives you a false sense of security from a safety perspective. You might end up applying a force that will cause damage (muscle tear's etc). It should be used only to maintain a stretch post warm-up, not extend. I have had one for over a year ... have used it twice only.

    As suggested, you should be doing stretching exercises that help improve flexibility. These should be a combination of static, dynamic and isometric stretches. Your body weight is the best tool for stretching (and your mind, more than often, your worst enemy when it comes stretching).

    For a fresh starter I would recommend basic yoga to make you aware of your body (and limits).
  5. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    i would recommedn the book "relax into stretch" also look up the work by Tom Kurtz for stretching
  6. Ivor

    Ivor Member

    i think they are great - as a part of your stretching regime, and if you dont use them too often or for too long, i have a leg stretcher exactly like the one in Jawads post, it very good for helping get that extra couple of inches, the problem i have is i tend to do a lot of stretching watching TV an find that i hold the stretch for far too long then suffer the following day. this means i cant use it regularly enough to get the benefit.
  7. canadiankyosa

    canadiankyosa Active Member

    Needless. you can stand up, lean over at the waist and stretch out. Does the same thing just as effectively and costs nothing. Stretching is about teaching the muscles that they can lengthen further before stretch reflex kicks in.
  8. canadiankyosa

    canadiankyosa Active Member

    I have mentioned the three good stretching "authorities" I use. Search the forum for Kurtz and "Superfoot".
  9. Billy Taylor

    Billy Taylor New Member

    thanks i just read over everyones tips.
  10. Royen

    Royen New Member

    Is there any stretching equipment available that would help while learning taekwondo ? if yes, then please let me know - my brother would love it if I would gift him such kind of thing
  11. Peytton Teh

    Peytton Teh New Member

    Hi, I also has one with me. I use it max 3 times per week.
    I implement PNF stretching technique (Contract/Relax) with it.
    By contracting the groin muscles about 8 seconds (resisting the pulling stretch), then relax. Repeat the process 3 times at least.
    This is just my personal experience to share with you.


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