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  1. Does any one here take preworkout supplements before training to help get over plateaus?
  2. Gnarlie

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    Yes. I normally take a soy or brown rice based raw protein and amino shake before and after training (half before, half after). At the moment I'm using Sun Warrior. It's good, about the same result as using boiled almond mash before training. Not gaining mass, but sustaining energy and performance.

    Also find it less taxing to train on a shake than after a meal (training times are awkward).

    I usually have magnesium and glucose within easy reach too.

    I reached a plateau with muscular endurance that I'm currently working through, and I feel the supplements have helped.
  3. Cameron Taylor

    Cameron Taylor New Member

    Occasionally I take a preworkout before training for a energy boost, and I do use a few other supplements occasionally as well.
    I guess it depends what has plateaued?
    I find changing my training routine is a more effective way to keep getting results :)
  4. Gethin_Rhys_James

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    Be mindful of supplements which constrict your blood vessels but are full of caffeine. Red bull is a nightmare for this! Completely dangerous on your heart long term. I'm a big fan of Creatine monohydrate as it's sole purpose is to help you perform explosive activity for longer. I don't actually use any preworkouts but creating, black coffee and a balanced meal has me storm my workouts!
  5. Royen

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    When it comes to supplements, make sure you consult with a physician first. Not all supplements are effective. If you take proper care of your diet then you do not need to take supplements
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