Taekwondo and street fight

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Jawad, Oct 7, 2013.

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    I heard a lot of people who said that Taekwondo is useless in a street fight, that all the kick learned in the dojo will not be helpful in a street fight, is it true ?

  2. kieran skeldon

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    Its same as anything some of it you will use some of it you wont but tae kwon-do is more than effective in a street fight.
    Most of the people who differ in there opinion only see Olympic style sparring, patterns or just generally don't understand certain aspects and think that's the whole package but it depends I personally favour knife-hand, palm strikes but no two fights are the same you need to understand the purpose of the moves and be able too adapt
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    I think you should read this:

    It is one of the rare articles written about high kicks in the street where the Author seems to have been given it some thought before writing. Another observation is that kicks are often dismissed as not effective by martial artists in system where the kicks are secondary to hand skills. I believe that they can work for those who invest the time to Train them, and in Taekwondo the time to practise kicks are abundant. Personally I would use simple hand techniques and if I were to use kicks in self defense I would limit them to low targets and to simple techniques such as front, side and roundhouse kicks.

    Taekwondo the system contain a wealth of useable techniques and strategies, but it also contains techniques for sport and for body training. It is up to the practisioner to learn when to use the different techniques and adapt to the situation at hand. I agree With Kieran Skeldon in his reply.
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  4. michael mckenna

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    when people say this they are reffering to taekwondo sparring as they have never trained and never seen real taekwondo. real taekwondo is a self defence system not a sport the sport side is 5% of taekwondo training. taekwondo sparring is the sport and is what most people think thats what taekwondo looks like because thats all they really see. and you should definetly read oerjans blogs and read stuart anslows books, ian abernethys books and alex gillis a killing art a very controversial book among taekwondo practioners from different federations but an excellent read. and anything written by he ill cho
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    It depends. I agree with Oerjan that if you spend alot of time getting good at kicks they can be devastating. But I also think that to do a really powerful kick takes alot of skill. Its what makes TKD so beautiful in some ways. If your training for the love of TKD, and your willing to put in alot of time at a good dojo it can be good for self defense. Conversely if you looking for something for self defense that you are only going to do once a week something simpler would be better from a purely self defense perspective.

    Also, although nearly all TKD schools claim to teach self defense, not all clubs do it to a good standard.
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