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  1. KKD

    KKD New Member

    I was informed that at black belt status - 1st Degree - that it was recognised as a formal Degree qualification - does anything know if this is correct please?
  2. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    what? only for WTF Sport but it's not a "qualification" for the real world. Maybe at 4th dan then you can Teach.

    Id like to know also if anyone sees a blackbelt as a formal Degree qualification? Cant say Ive heard of it.
  3. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Not formally AFAIK. I've been a 1st Dan for 9 years and (here) it's generally acceptable no matter what degree you are so long as you're a black belt holder, to own a club or unit and bring your students to grading exams. However, the formal rule is (from memories, CMIIW):
    • 1st Dan may be examiner assistant
    • 2nd Dan may be examiner up to 1st Kup (certificate issued by country governing body)
    • 3rd Dan may be examiner up to 1st Dan
    • 4th Dan may issue certificate up to 1st Dan (may be conflict of interest with country governing body, hence usually 4th Dan joins the governing body in this case)
  4. ismail

    ismail New Member

    hello everyone, i need your help i need 2nd gup teakwando certificate, please someone help me, my last training is 1992 so i need my this certificate to grading my 1st dan black belt
  5. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    Find a local instructor. They will need to assess your ability. After such a long break, you might want to consider starting from a lower rank.

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  6. Mario Ray Mahardhika

    Mario Ray Mahardhika Active Member

    Depending on your country's governing body, you might be able to retrieve yours from them, but that depends a lot on how neat they organize the registrant data. Otherwise, follow @Gnarlie's advice.
  7. Matt

    Matt Member

    I think this changes drastically based on what organization, the country you live in and the traditions of your school. My school in the United States (we have an affiliation with AAU- which is primarily ITF- and Kukkiwon) we would say 1st dan is a formal degree. I believe that positions of power in a school vary greatly, we let students help teach depending on their age and rank as low as a red belt that is about the age of 10 (This means simply holding paddles for beginner students and maybe leading a small group of white belts under supervision). Around 4th dan and the age of about 18 we let students start to lead their own classes completely. I believe most schools in the US assume 4th dan is appropriate to open a school, it is very uncommon to see people under 4th starting schools here. Especially since most schools in the US do not consider you a master until 4th or 5th dan (this varies greatly between schools).
  8. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    There is no formal relationship between 1st Dan and an academic degree. And rightly so. The total amount of time and knowledge required is very different and the definition of what 1st Dan means varies quite wildly from club to club and org to org.

    You can study TKD as a formal academic degree (BA / BSc) though at several Universities in Korea. Typically those entering that course already have multiple dan grades.

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