Taekwondo in life: Looking for stories for a study

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  1. Hi! I’m a researcher from Finland, currently working on a small study related to Taekwondo with a colleague. Seeing another study in this forum, we thought this would be a good place to find a few answers.

    We're looking for people to share their stories in order to learn how Taekwondo is integrated in their lives. The below questions are guidelines, but need not be strictly followed. You can skip any question and 100% improvise with your answer if you feel like it:
    1. How did you end up to having Taekwondo as part of your life?
    2. Tell about your current relationship with Taekwondo; for instance, how much do you spend time with it and in what ways?
    3. What other Taekwondo-related activities you do?
    4. How has your relationship with Taekwondo changed over the years?
    5. What's the role of the community and physical spaces in Taekwondo for you?
    6. How long do you think Taekwondo will be a significant part of your life?
    You can post your reply here or PM if you don't wish to share it openly. All answers are treated anonymously. You can also use this thread to discuss the above questions.

    We are looking to publish the study next year in peer-reviewed conference proceedings. If you have questions, I'll be happy to answer. A big thanks in advance!

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