Taekwondo May Face Chop At Olympics!

Discussion in 'News' started by TristanCIRL, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. TristanCIRL

    TristanCIRL New Member

    Taekwondo is only a new sport to the Olympics with the sport making its début in 2000 at the Sydney games. It's not right to take a growing sport like Taekwondo out of the Olympics, it was probably the biggest hit of London 2012 in my opinion! So why replace it with the likes of Karate?

  2. Leighton

    Leighton Member

    It would be a shame to lose out to Karate, I'm not the greatest lover of the Olympic TKD but it does get people talking and interested which is never a bad thing.
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  3. Nasha

    Nasha New Member

    It would be such a blow for the sport if it were dropped from the Olympics! Competition fighting is not the prettiest thing to watch but it is a true competition where there is a clear winner and a clear loser and therefore a very good non-subjective (most of the time) sport.
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  4. Craig johnstone

    Craig johnstone New Member

    To stop showing any type of Taekwondo would be a shame especially at the Olympic's it is an inaspiration to the young youth of today
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  5. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

    Karate has too many different styles and organizations with different sets of rules! Tae Kwon Do has fewer organizations and was able to unify enough to get into the Olympics. I know that they are on the chopping block though. Karate will need to unify in order to get in. Master Fahy
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  6. Danielle Khairallah

    Danielle Khairallah New Member

    why should there be a limit to the number of sports allowed in the olympics?! 28 is hardly a number that reflects all the different sports around the world. this is wrong...i hope tkd doesn't get chopped off!
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  7. dantalion

    dantalion Member

    I'm not a great fan of sport, especially not sitting and watching it but this year I watched quite a lot of the olympics and found the taekwondo to be by far the most exciting; I may be biased though. It would be ridiculous if they were to drop taekwondo and retain judo, I tried watching judo but there is only so much time I can watch two people slapping their opponent's hands away; and they had seven weight categories while the more dynamic taekwondo had to have eight WTF weight categories condensed into four. If any sports have to be dropped I'd favour getting rid of the sports that have huge swathes of television coverage such as tennis and football, both of which are professional sports: the olympics should be an opportunity for minority sports to be showcased.
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  8. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

    I'm all for chopping some of the other so called sports like badminton, table tennis, pistol shooting and the likes of them! Master Fahy
  9. dantalion

    dantalion Member

    I managed to enjoy the first match in the women's beach volley ball, but that was more to do with the 6' Russian blond! Surprisingly I found the archery to be compulsive viewing. Although it seems like a slow sport the matches are short and relatively exciting,hanging on the outcome of one final arrow.
  10. edconnolly

    edconnolly New Member

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  11. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon New Member

    I don't see why Karate should get chosen over Taekwondo. They've made olympic taekwondo a lot more exciting to watch by rewarding flashy kicks with more points, and by making it fairer with the electronic body protector and replay system. In addition, the Olympics are starting to get used to dealing with taekwondo, but switching to karate would only make us start at square one again. Japan already has Judo (which I find quite enjoyable to watch, even if I don't understand it haha!), so it would be unfair to rob Korea of their only national sport in the Olympics (especially with them hosting the games in 2020!) to give Japan TWO.

    I think having WTF taekwondo rather than ITF taekwondo is an advantage at the moment, because I think viewers could think it's too similar to boxing, whereas the blue and red body protectors of WTF-style taekwondo have become quite symbolic of taekwondo and makes it something the public can recognise. Karate would also have the same problem as ITF taekwondo where it could be seen as too similar to boxing to someone who doesn't know about martial arts.

    With Jade and Lutalo's success last year, and Korea hosting the games after Rio, I think there will be a lot of pressure to keep taekwondo going for now. Fingers crossed anyway! I think I'd boycott the olympics if they ditched us :p
  12. UK-Student

    UK-Student Active Member


    Seems like wrestling and not TKD got to chop.

    Seems like a very weird decision to me. Wrestling is an international sport and considered one of the oldest Olympic sports.

    Even as a TKD person, I don't feel very comfortable with their decision.

    For MMA promoters, this is absolutely amazing news as even more top wrestling talent is likely headed their way.
  13. dantalion

    dantalion Member

    It's good news for taekwondo; but I still feel soccer and tennis should be dropped from the Olympics; they're covered on television all the time.In my opinion the Olympics should concentrate on the minority sports; it's the only opportunity they get.
  14. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

  15. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    I too think Football at the olympics should be dropped and a few of the others mentioned.
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  16. Josie Butler

    Josie Butler New Member

    Newbie here, I personally wouldn't want Taekwondo to be chopped off the Olympics, but I would like the actual match to be more combat than standing around, London 2012 taekwondo was boring compared to Beijing
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  17. Mike Nickson

    Mike Nickson New Member

    This is an interesting discussion to read as there really are a great selection of opinions. I went with the family to see some of the Taekwondo at the Olympics and really enjoyed the experience and it was also great to see the demo that was also part of the experience by a group that was doing all the flips and breaks and was great for the kids and adults alike.
    I come from the ITF world and this was the first time of seeing WTF, personally I think the ITF sparring would be mre entertaining to watch as there is a greater selection of moves and options, as with WTF it is still more kicks than punches but makes the sparring experience faster and more intense.
    I have not seen Karate sparring but understand it to be a lot more punch and not so much kicks. We have recently had some new members that are black belts in Karate and wanted to try TKD and they are really enjoying the kick element of the art form and so I am sure the 2 forms together will be an interesting thing to learn. I am also looking forward to trying another art once I have achieved my goals in TKD
  18. Mike Nickson

    Mike Nickson New Member

    Would like to see a boxer attempt a reverse turning kick to the head :)

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