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  1. TKD_nate

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    I've been looking at getting taekwondo shoes and I was wanting some help. I've been looking at the adidas SM 2 shoes and I was wondering how the sizes run, if they run small or big. I wear a size 10-10.5 tennis shoe depending on the manufacture. I was wanting to know what you think of the shoes and how they run in size.
  2. canadiankyosa

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    I have a pair of Adidas. When buying shoes, it is always smart to buy one half size larger. I went 10.5 as my footwear is and I needed an 11 (N.A. sizings). If buying online, especially 1/2 size larger is smart because they can be made smaller but too small cannot be made larger.
  3. Gnarlie

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    Hi Nate

    The size is normal, not excessively small or big.

    A few thoughts:

    Beware the SM-II LS. The LS stands for leisure shoe. These were produced when Taekwondo shoes began to become fashionable and are not suitable for training in.

    Second, wear socks and make sure you let them dry out after every session or the smell terrible.

    It's better to train without shoes if you can, because they encourage poor form. I only have a pair for our seminars, where the floor is a bit tacky and painful.
  4. Intercept

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    I have a pair of Adidas TKD shoes and i love them. I just use thin qnkle socks with them. I use them for my home work outs/Poomsae etc. we train bare feet at our school but they are great for carpet, concrete, grass or whatever. I lucked out on the size. They fit perfect. I think i did look into the sizes online to make sure. Just do a little investigating on sizes.

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