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  2. Intercept

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  3. UK-Student

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    Shame about the Wrestling.
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  4. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    Im really happy about this, BUT at the same time TKD at the Olympics (I find) is boring and I dont have cable TV so I didnt get to see any fighting at all except a small part when the Australian had a fight.
  5. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    I like this a lot. I hope it isn't at the cost of Wrestling. Wrestling belongs in the Olympics forever.

    Gazzer- The enforced rules changes they made at the last Olympics did a world of good for it. Less dancing, more action.
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  6. colin french

    colin french New Member

    This is great news I watched every match and loved it myself and kids got to meeting Olympics gold medallist Jade Jones. I managed to in courage alots of friend's and work colleagues to watch it and they though it was really exciting it became the topic if conversation at work the day after.I would like to see more tournaments on tv .
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  7. Intercept

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    I watched all the matches and there was some fantastic sparring matches. I have Apple tv so I just pull up all the matches and watch them back to back. The news TKD is staying in the Olympics is great news indeed. Whooo hooo!
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  8. Ted Martin

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    I watched as much as I could but found the recent rule changes turned some of the matches into a foot to head game of tag. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed watching it ( especially compaired with some other sports) but found previous Olympic games more exciting.
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  9. Ted Martin

    Ted Martin Member

    This highlight clip in the link below is what I call quality WTF sparring (Beijing Olympics)

    Exciting games to watch (I didn't get as jazzed about the 2012 games)
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  10. Intercept

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    Nice! Yeah, very amazing sparring in this clip. I always am looking up clips on Youtube and watching Beijing, Sydney etc. If you have any qood links you can share where I can check out good sparring I'd be much appreciated! Thanks Ted!:)
  11. Ted Martin

    Ted Martin Member

    I was hoping to do a comparison between sparing then (2008) and now (2012) but see very few 2012 videos that can compete with what was offered in the Beijing Olympics (Sydney Australia as an excellent showing too). If I come across anything amazing I will certainly send you the links.
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  12. arash

    arash New Member

    I hope taekwondo will remain permanently in
    olympic games
  13. Intercept

    Intercept Member

    Read above Arash. That's what this whole post is about. Taekwondo is now a permanent member of the Olympics. Click on the link i provided.
  14. John McNally

    John McNally Active Member

    Good to see the familly in all forms been available for insight.

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