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Discussion in 'The Instructors Room' started by Finlay, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Finlay

    Finlay Active Member

    As we get more experienced as teacher or classes slowly start to fall in to our own specialities instead of being clones of others

    I have trained under instuctors who loved sparring, patterns, condition etc

    Currently I would see my speciality as pattern application, and my weakness would be competition sparring.

    What would you all say were your special areas of teaching?
  2. Gnarlie

    Gnarlie Well-Known Member

    I would call myself an all rounder. My specialism in teaching is highlighting and focusing on the broad principles that all disciplines share, to help students have a better understanding of what they are practising and why.

    Also the current KKW standard for Poomsae.
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  3. canadiankyosa

    canadiankyosa Active Member

    Note I am not TKD, but I am alike to Gnarlie: an all-rounder. We do little sparring but I reach out to other styles, ala Bruce Lee, and apply many things from there. My strengths are hyung and locking techniques. I cannot put myself into a hole because, to me, doing so will not be a benefit to students. Many of our black belts forget the basic principles we teach low to medium rank colour belts and teach more advance methods to brand new students.
  4. Matt

    Matt Member

    I would say my strengths are basically everything, I was brought up as a very all around based student. So I love teaching pattern based classes, but I am also the assistant instructor for the competition sparring team so I'm always formulating strategies and coming up with for work drills. I love teaching, and I love teaching people how to teach even more. I remember a lot of the little details my old master used to say and I love sharing those small but significant details with others.

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