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  1. Matt

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    How long have most of you been teaching if you do? and at what rank and age did you start teaching?

    I personally started to assist teaching classes as a red belt when I was 8, but I didn't officially start teaching and leading my own classes till closer to 3rd dan. This was also a factor though because I am only 17 and insurance laws in America can be crazy
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    It's hard to say. My first recollection of 'teaching' is as a blue belt (around 5th kup) helping yellow belts with forms. My first instructor used to start with the whole class doing basic moves and lower level poomsae and then students would 'bow out' if they didn't know the next poomsae or three-step, etc. While he kept moving on up to black belt level techniques. When we moved to a bigger hall he would do the same but get th he intermediate students to coach the junior students while he worked with the higher students.

    More formally I started teaching subsets of classes at 1st Dan at around 17 years old or running the class while our head instructor spoke with prospective students snd their parents who had come to watch.
    By 2nd Dan I was taking full classes. Since then I only take subsets of classes because our school has a 5th Dan, 4th Dan (me), 2nd Dan and 1st Dan who all attend every class (because we can't get enough of trainjng) and so we simply share the love.
    It works well for our students as the ratio to black belts is around 6:1 so they get a lot of opportunity to partner a black belt instead of just their peers.
  3. I began Studying Taekwondo at 13(I'm 28 now), quit band to take it more seriously. I progressed pretty quickly skipping, 9th Gup, 5th Gup, 2nd Gup, and only had to wait 6 months as a 1st Gup before testing for my 1st Dan. I began Teaching when my brother and sister started at my school when I was a 4th Gup. I'd teach every day and come in on days they didn't have class even to help teach the Intermediate Class. (Green-Blue/red) After I got my 1st Dan, 13 Years ago (So you could say that's when I became an "Instructor"), one of our school's masters would take me with him to teach satellite programs at day cares and middle schools on various days of the week. I was 18 when I got my 2nd Dan, and was offered my own Satellite Program to instruct at the Middle School I had started studying Taekwondo in. I only did that for a Semester because it was through a different Taekwondo School (Sister to our own) and the Master didn't pay me as much as he originally said. ($700 per Semester for 2 days a week taking up an hour and a half to two hours of my time each of those days, but he only gave me $250)

    I took a Hiatus and moved around the United States and Germany, unable to find a school I wanted to train with so I took a little Karate and BJJ. But I had to join the real work-force and managed a Sandwich shop for a few years, which didn't allow me time to train. I went crazy one day(6 years later), quit my job and moved back to my hometown and started training again. The timing was just right, and I trained hard to Test for my 3rd Dan under my old coach (My Grandmaster's Son). At the same time, the Master that helped run the Headquarters School with the Grandmaster's Wife had the same itching I did, to move on and try something else in the "Real work-world" and asked if I could train to take his place. I said OF COURSE! And now I've been "2nd in command" at the Head Quarters School for 3 years assisting in every class, Instructing when the Master Instructor cannot be there, and Helping to run the After-School Care Program, and I love Mondays! I should be Testing for my 4th before the Summer of 2016.
  4. Matt

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    Wow we have pretty similar stories in the aspect of how timing was just right and how we both fell into positions of teaching. I too, teach at like a local YMCA or "satellite" club on the side. and I too, should be testing for fourth sometime this upcoming year for fourth dan, hopefully during the winter.
  5. Good luck Matt! Just curious, do you know what your criteria looks like for 4th Dan?
  6. Matt

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    My criteria is in simple terms everything I have learned thus far. I will be tested on all basics starting in horse stance, then all the same basics in front stance. All basics include blocks, strikes and kicks. And Then I will have to perform kicking combinations, combined with sparring footwork. multiple kicks on one leg to show balance, other types of foot wrk drills. There is the possibility of having to do pushups or crunches or some other type of physical activity. I will have to break a minimum of 9 boards using any 3 techniques I would like. I will have to do multiple sparring matches in olympic and point. I will have to defend myself in a number of different self defense scenarios. I will have to do all color belt patterns and black belt patterns. I know 9 color belt patterns (ITF) and 12 black belt patterns (ITF and WTF). Then I will have to perform all of my weapons patterns. I know three with the Bo-Staff and two with Sai, and also may be asked to do some weapon sparring as well as nunchucks and knife, which I train in both. I will also have to turn in a 1000 word essay before I take the test, on a topic I have not been told yet.
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    I was assisting instruction at Brown and Red Belts when I was 17. I ran most of the color belt classes (4 classes per day, 5 days per week) at my instructor's school when I was 1st Dan at age 18. Later that year, I earned my 2nd Dan, and opened my first Taekwondo Dojang in Bridgman, Michigan, USA. That was in 1978, and I have been a school owner and teaching ever since (38 years).
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    My story may not be as in-depth as some here, but I am pleased of the time I put in and the knowledge I accrue for application. I will, for those who have never seen me comment (and wonder about my profile pic tobok, that I enjoy studying aspects, theories and the kicking, etc of tkd and other arts, but my focus is kuk sool hapkido.

    In our association (I began under the WKSA), we start teaching at around dahnbo (brown+2 black stripes) and sometimes a slightly earlier. I have,typically, assisted higher ranks, as we had more than enough 2nd degrees+, and, the odd time ran classes. Suffice it to say, my time put in instructing is more than all the black belts under our present banner (minus our 4th degree as we may be almost neck and neck). All of our black belts are considered assistant instructors as we are, mostly, there to help our master instructor.

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