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    Hi guys,

    I have been asked to teach this week, the theme is taegeuk(s). I have taught before in other martial arts, but not in TKD. I don't have a problem teaching techniques, to any age group. We have three lessons 1st for 5-8 year olds, then 8-15 lastly adults.

    The first group (panda's ) not a problem, a good mix of games, exercise. and techniques, adding their first taegeuk to the mix.

    Second group. not so many games, exercise techniques, and of course taegeuk, what can I do keeping to the theme, making the practise of taegeuks more interesting, ( example eyes closed, doing the taegeuk in a strait line) applications, help here would be great!

    Last group adults, from beginners to 4th dan. (by the way I am a 2nd kup) for me the hardest lesson, I was planning to use the dan grades to help the lower grades in groups, so that they can concentrate on their next taegeuk, (we have just had gradings) as a class we would go from il jang through to koryo as we get to the students level, they can start again or backwards to the first. then applications.

    Any more Ideas would be a great help. the lessons are an hour long except the last less which is 90 minutes.

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    Try performing a simple pattern that everyone knows but using only the chamber positions for each movement, rather than the final position. A few rounds of this encourages focus on full movements in performance of the final form. Pay attention to wrist positioning to ensure both hands twist through the movement. Chambers happen at the hip and shoulder, with the exception of momtong an makki and inward strikes / blocks.

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  3. Rugratzz

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    I will use that tomorrow, each theme covers two days, thanks.

    I enlisted the help of the dan grades, each taking a small group, adult class. going through their last taegeuk and the next one, we did that for about 45 minuts, the changed concentrating on footwork, then combining that with the technique such as a turn and block, rather than being two movements making it one, ex. il jang first movement is a turn and block, many do it as two things one after the other, if you get my drift.

    The youngsters were fine, most of them know me but the little ones were a little unsure, me being a stupid foreigner who isnt very good at Danish, as with all the classes, language is a problem, but, showing rather than talking got the message though. the little ones liked bursting balloons using ap chagi, with a little help when needed. Looking forward to tomorrow, havent taught for a long time, like riding a bike it comes back.


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