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  1. Rcoskrey

    Rcoskrey New Member

    I am testing for my yellow this Saturday. I have a lot to do. I have a pattern, three step sparring, test kicks and three different breaks to do. The breaks consist of two power breaks and a technique break.
    The power breaks are a knife hand two boards and a side kick two boards. The technique break is a
    front snap kick. I'm not looking forward to this one because when practising I keep kicking the board holder with my toes.

    Thursday is the last class before the test. Last night was a killer for me. We did jumpimg jacks, push-ups, kicking drills on the bags, our patterns and breaks. They say pain is weakness leaving the body.
    A lot of weakness left my body. :)

    I will be working out a lot to try and tweak my pattern and breaks especially the front kick. My test kicks need work too.

    I will let everyone know how the test went.
  2. Brian

    Brian Member

    Good luck sir!
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Best of luck Rcoskrey. I'm sure you'll do great.

    What's the difference between a power break and a technique break. I would have though that sidekicks, knife hands and front kick breaks would all be classified as the same thing (or is the front snap kick done against a different kind of board?).

    With regards to hurting your toes on the boards, this is something that many people have problems with and something which every single person doing Taekwondo has done once. I did it a few times myself. Not only is it painful, psychologically it holds you back from you putting your full force behind your kicks as your worried about hurting your toes again.

    A little trick I used to always do when waiting to do a break and just before breaking is to stamp the ball of my foot on the ground. For example, say I'm going to do a break using a right turning kick, I would stand on my left leg and start repeatedly hitting the floor with the ball of my right foot whilst ensuring that my toes were pulled back. Then, when I went to break the board I would ensure that my toes were pulled back in the same way as when I was hitting the floor. It seems like such a silly thing but it does work and it's helped a lot of people pull back their toes for breaking.

    Practice your pattern as much as you can before your test. You won't have to worry about any physical aspects of the test such as press ups etc.

    Good luck and remember to let us know how you get on :)

  4. Tony Butcher

    Tony Butcher Member

    Some good tips from Kevin. The only advice I could give, would be firstly to practice Front Kick on a focus mitt, to ensure that you're pulling your toes back. This is going to take practice and you may not be able to perfect it in time for the grading. (Maybe try pulling your toes back whilst at home.) However, once you can do this, focus entirely on the line on the breaking board, (or dead centre if it's a piece of wood) and try not to give in to fear. Once you fear the breaking, you won't do it.

    If you are unable to pull the toes back in time for the grading, remember that this alone won't fail you the grading. When I took my Black Belt, I had 3 attempts and failed to break the boards, but still passed okay!

    Good luck on the day and as I tell my students before going in to their grading - show them how it's done!!!
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  5. Mark Greene

    Mark Greene New Member

    Good luck with your testing sir. Oh and pain isn't weakness leaving the body, it's weakness entering the body. Any body part that is injured is, physiologically speaking, going to be weaker than prior to the injury. Healing is a part of training.
  6. Spirit Eagle

    Spirit Eagle New Member

    Best of luck, as long as you relax and remain focused you will be fine. Yellow belt testing can be quite frightful for a new TKD practitioner, since you really don't know what to expect. Form patterns vary (Taeguks, Palgwes, or American TKD), but in actuality they are somewhat similar. I am surprised that you have that many breaks to do at such a low rank test level, I didn't have to do multiple breaks until I got to Red Belt level. As for injuring your toes, you will only do that once, after that you will remember to curl them back. Once again best of luck and keep kicking!
  7. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    Can I ask What gup this is as you state yellow belt but describe something like 3rd/2nd gub (redbelt) grading :confused:
  8. Rcoskrey

    Rcoskrey New Member

    Hey everyone, my test went well. The breaks were all too easy. Part of my test involved kicking a bag. Did I ever!
    I kicked the crap out of the bag. Someone had to hold it before I kicked it over. I was nervous and made a few
    mistake but in the end I passed and got my yellow belt. BTW, yellow stripe is 9th gup. The grading was hard.
    The judges looked for everything from having your belt tied correctly to technique in blocks. I lost brownie points
    for not hitting the board with my heel when I did my sidekick break. Also for when I throw a punch. My thumb kept
    sticking out. LOL! I also lost brownie points because the judges felt I didn't try and didn't perform as well as I could
    have. All in all I did pass. Some lady who was selling cookies gave me one for making it.

    Can't beat that deal. I got my yellow belt and a free cookie. LOL
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  9. Gazzer

    Gazzer Active Member

    er.. Are you sure your talking about a Taekwondo grading lol as that sounds a bit over the top for 9th gup
  10. Spirit Eagle

    Spirit Eagle New Member

  11. Spirit Eagle

    Spirit Eagle New Member

    I was talking about the yellow, but told about not having to do multiple breaks at that level. We only did one break as a yellow belt. I didn't have to do more than one break until I reach higher levels, like brown and red belts, was what I said.

    James Swann
    WBBB Sahm Dan
  12. Spirit Eagle

    Spirit Eagle New Member

    Congrats on earning your yellow belt, nerves always play a part in any test, staying calm is the challenge there. Now that you know what to expect the next time you test you will do even better. Keep on kicking. God bless
  13. Michael Klug

    Michael Klug New Member

    Wow that is hard for a yellow belt I didn't have to do any of this when I went for yellow all I had to do was form, Sparring and One Steps
  14. Anthony Hayward

    Anthony Hayward Active Member

    Congratulations on getting your belt...job well done...The grading you did seems a bit excessive for that grade...I don't believe you should be breaking boards to get your yellow belt after all you have probably only had 6 months training at most.. I understand patterns, bag work, sparring etc but not board breaking..Can I ask did the kids going for yellow belt have to do this as well..
  15. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

    Your first test in TKD? Most TKD schools usually test for yellow belt however, I know many do give a yellow stripe on your white belt instead. Some schools/organizations/instructors vary in what's on their tests like board breaking, techniques, questions etc... but it does seem alittle odd that you had to do so much for yellow belt test! I test students on basic punching, kicking techniques, their form, a single board break, I spar each white belt myself and ask questions. That's our yellow belt test and it's the same for adults as well as children. Master Fahy
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  16. lorraine

    lorraine Member

    Wow , I;ve never seen a yellow belt grading as hard as what you describe. What are you expected to do for your black belt?Congratulations on your acheivement you sound as if you have worked extremely hard for your yellow belt !
  17. John Hulslander

    John Hulslander Active Member

    Congrats on passing. Here is what I will have to say. The toughest exams I have taken were my yellow belt and my first dan exam. Why, because each is a first of sorts.

    There is an old German proverb attributed to Goethe- Aller Anfang sind schwer. All beginnings are difficult.

    Both the yellow belt (8th Gup) exam and first Dan exam represent a beginning.

    So congratulations. We give our students three things to do on successful completion of an exam.

    1. Celebrate. You set a goal and achieved it. You should be proud.
    2. Look to be an example/mentor to those now junior to you and look to those who are newly senior to you for guidance.
    3. Ask yourself if you have improved and are better able to defend yourself.

  18. lorraine

    lorraine Member

    Yes i would agree on your 9th kup (yellow tag) and 1st dan being the most difficult gradings . When i first started training 13 years ago i set myself a goal to become a black belt .Once i reached my goal i remember thinking that i was now at the beginning of my journey in taekwondo.I had learnt the basics and thats all.I am now a 3rd dan and growing and learning every day .I run a couple of small clubs and teach tkd in a junior school. All our students are extremely nervous before their first ever grading and once again (if they last the journey) when they take their 1st dan.
  19. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Active Member

    1. RcoskreyNew Member

      What form/pattern/poomse did you have to do for your yellow belt test? Master Fahy​

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