The little elastic string in my Dobak keeps snapping :(

Discussion in 'General Taekwondo Discussions' started by Intercept, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Intercept

    Intercept Member

    I know this isn't the end of the world but my first Dobak's elastic string was ripped off in the washer. I took it to the dry cleaners and they sewed it for like $3. I recently just bought a brand new Dobak and it happened again!!!! It's totally pissing me off. hahahah The lint filter thingy snags the string, the laundry goes around and around until it is ripped off. Should I get it sewn on again? Is it worth it? If I do should I just tie it in a bow to make it smaller in the wash? Is it imperative to have the elastic string? Will my Dobak swim around like crazy without it? Again, I know this isn't a mind bending question but I would appreciate any feedback.
  2. Josh

    Josh New Member

    There was no elastic strings 100 years ago! Save 3 bucks & tie your belt a little tighter :)
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  3. Intercept

    Intercept Member

    Hahahah! Thats what I figured! Thanks Josh ;)
  4. pastorvic

    pastorvic New Member

    I cut mine out when I got my white belt. You really only need it if you don't have a belt to hold your jacket together. If you really want to keep it, safety pin it securely to the inside of your jacket before you wash it, so it won't get tangled up.
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  5. Intercept

    Intercept Member

    That sounds ike sound advice. Yeah, I'll just leave it off. Down the road on my next Dobak I'll safety pin it down like you said.
    Thanks Pastor Vic!
  6. dantalion

    dantalion Member

    If you're talking about the elastic across the inside of the front of the jacket then I found that they perished rather than snapped. I went to the trouble of rigging one that was easily replaced only to discover that you don't really need one at all,in fact I find my dobok more comfortable without one so now I just snip them off.
  7. Mark 42

    Mark 42 Member

    I cut mine out.
    The only time I wish I had it is when I'm not wearing a tee shirt underneath.
    Sometimes my belt slides down, and my dobok lifts up - one of the consequences of not having
    a distinguishable waistline (attributable to my age).

    If you want to protect it in the wash, by a cheap bag of small zip ties so you can wind it
    up into a small spool of elastic and zip tie the bundle.
  8. UK-Student

    UK-Student Active Member

    I used to wear a WTF style dobok and this happened to me too. Annoyingly it makes you dobok look baggy but I didn't do anything about it. :)
  9. dantalion

    dantalion Member

    Interesting. We're not allowed to wear tee shirts under our doboks, except for the ladies who are required to. As for the jacket being baggy I didn't find the elastic cord helped,i just adjust my uniform when needed. My instructor says that even if your trousers fall down around your ankles you carry on training as if nothing had happened, she doesn't do sympathetic.
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  10. Josh

    Josh New Member

    Haha...I could see several Karateka holding the last motion in their kata...trousers around their ankles, not daring to fix them until commanded to :)
  11. dantalion

    dantalion Member

    The discipline is good for them.
  12. Ivor

    Ivor Member

    i got 2 Doboks with the elastic (my others are karake Gi cross over style) i dont always bother to do up the elastic as i find it uncomfortable sometimes, i just tuck it in my trousers. so i would say if it keeps getting pulled off leave it off.
  13. NoBullShitFighting

    NoBullShitFighting Active Member

    You will need a needle, thread and one of those needles used to cut away seams, and something better than that elastic tring, perhaps a satin bond. Remove the area seams in hight with the elastic strings on both sides. Put in the new satin bonds under the fold of the garment, sew in place. Then just tie it like a shoelace. This could also be done for a fairly low cost by a tailor. My advice is to ask someone who runs a sewingmachine/garment store to do it for you or to recommend someone that can, they have the connections.

    Trust me, I made a Dobok for an exam once, hybrid of kickboxing and taekwondo:

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